How Much Does a Babysitter Earn For Babysitting?

The average pay rate for a babysitter is eight dollars an hour. But this figure can rise considerably depending on the circumstances. Some parents try to keep costs down by double-booking their babysitters with friends. That way, they can split the bill at the end of the night. Others try to find cheaper babysitters during the week. And of course, you can always request a babysitter for an extra hour.

When setting your rates, consider the number of children you’ll be watching. A babysitter who is responsible for two or three children will make more than a babysitter who watches one child. A general rule of thumb is to add one dollar for each additional child. So, if you’re watching three kids, the rate for a single babysitter is $16, but if you’re taking care of four kids, it will be closer to eight dollars per hour.

The age of your prospective babysitter is also an important consideration. If the child is 12 to fourteen years old, you could get away with five or six dollars an hour. Even younger babysitters may not have household bills to pay, and therefore can earn $5 to seven dollars per hour. The rate can be higher if you’re a teenager, but this may not be possible in some areas.