What are the prominent features we have in restaurant delivery robot?

The food delivery system contains all the features of the C- Series and, in addition, it can do so much more! Multiple departure point (workstation), AI delivering path computation, volte-face, chopstick road identification etc. Which takes the function to the coming position? The P series can surely be the fastest and most flexible delivery robot, as its AI calculating return route can be automatically calculated and set by AI intelligent navigation. Numerous workstations with multitasking functions are enforced. It can help ameliorate work effectiveness, reduce overall mess time, and effectively grow business! Find out here by visiting to know more about restaurant delivery robot and functions.

Automatic safety measures

 Sound and light memorial and automatic safety cover as your own features to help pandemics and produce a safe eating and working terrain. In addition, you can also connect the delivery robot to the ordering system to make your ordering and delivery process more specialized, accessible and smooth! If you prefer a particular style of food delivery robot, you can talk to our developer. We can indeed help you acclimate the color and trademark on the robot to match the style of your eatery!

 Contactless AI Food Delivery Robot Benefit

  • Unmanned food delivery minimizes the chance of mortal delivery contact.
  • AI delivery route computation, roadway, volte-face, shoal road, special angle are all possible.
  • Multiple workstations enable maximum work and food delivery effectiveness.
  • Fast and accurate positioning and delivery, adding development rate
  • Steady speed prevents spillage or leakage.
  • Reduction in labor force costs by nearly 50
  • Avoid and reduce collision, splash, burn and scald hazards.
  • Custom design can produce fresh brand image.
  • Increase Applicability and bring in further guests for word of mouth marketing.

 Delivery robots Innovative Eatery delivery robot to increase gains

  • Staying ahead of the coming big thing in the food service assiduity can give you a substantial competitive edge.
  • There is really nothing to lose, If that’ thing’ also happens to make your business more effective and cost-effective.
  • We’re talking about state- of- the- art eatery delivery robots, which come with the rearmost functionality but also a wide range of significant business benefits.

Automated food service that provides significant benefits

 Service Robots has invested in the rearmost food delivery and service technology – an inconceivable robot hire option called Peanut! Peanuts may interact with guests to collect orders from your menu, including quick responses to questions. Also, it’ll transport the food to the consumer with perfection and effectiveness – no matter what it is. Your food service robot Peanut can indeed be programmed to communicate using mortal- suchlike’ facial’ expressions!

How ultramodern robotic functions

An ultramodern robotic front of home system’ recruiting’ gives you a huge marketing advantage. Promoting the use of your interactive food delivery robot will really fill your tables. After that, your guests will tell their musketeers and share prints of your eatery’s food delivery robot on social media. Bookings will be booming! It’s this kind of free exposure that can put your hospitality business in a whole new league.

Imprinting your eatery

 Hiring a robot to deliver food and drinks will capture the attention of guests, and make respect for your eatery brand. Hiring a robot sends a strong communication that you’re keeping up with contemporary trends and furnishing an indelible dining experience. Also flash back those using service robots as a smart piece of automated food service technology will get you profitable exposure on social media.

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