How to Minimize Ping in Online Games when using an Android Mobile Phone

Online mobile phone gamers often have a single dilemma, which is high pings. That is because their gameplay is affected and causes them to lose during the game. What causes lagging in online gaming on their Android mobile phones is the question of this article today.

There could be multiple factors to it. The sim card connection in your Android phone might not be of good quality. Or it could also depend on the quality of the server and the availability of gaming servers. If the quality of the server isn’t good, then the ping you get on your Android phone is totally not optimal. The availability of a server is also a big problem; ideally, you would choose the server that is closest to you for maximum usage of lower pings. But if there is only one server in the country or region, then it might be difficult to receive lower pings on your Android mobile phone during online gaming.

The above factors are just examples of scenarios where pings might be low for online gaming on your Android phones, but those are just the ones you have no control over. What you can do, however, is try out some of the things mentioned below to lower the ping during online gaming on your Android mobile phone. 

Have the Best SIM card From your Region

You could be using a SIM card that offers poor connection quality when you are playing online games on your Android mobile phone. This kind of quality tends to be unstable with a slow connection. The signal quality also appears to be very low. That can have a negative impact on your online gaming. 

Not all SIM cards offer the best quality, which is why you should go for the one that provides a high-quality connection during online gaming. 

Use 5G service

The 5G technology has drastically changed the way how internet speeds are delivered on your mobile phone. It is so much better and faster than all the previous generations i.e. 4G, 3G, etc. When playing online games with a 5G connection, the ping will immediately decrease.

Go for Xfinity mobile service for your Android mobile phone. You will be sure to have an exceptional gaming experience. With its reasonable packages and data plans, Xfinity is the best solution for providing a 5G connection to your Android mobile phone. For more information, you can contact the Xfinity customer service department.

Use Wi-Fi connection

If you don’t have a good SIM card or mobile phone service, at least make sure that the broadband network connection you own is up to par. 

The internet connection speed that you sign up for should be enough to provide you with lower pings when you are playing online games on your Android mobile phone. Keep in mind the activities of all the other devices in your household. 

You could also go for a public Wi-Fi connection but that is usually risky since they are insecure connections. Also, public Wi-Fi connections are used by many mobile phone users so you may experience high and unstable pings during online gaming on your Android mobile phone. 

Download PingTools Pro

This is a very useful app for managing pings on your Android phone when you are playing online games. 

How this app works is that it will send data to and receive from a server so that the ping can stay in a stable position. Sending data to and receiving data from a server nearby will help to keep the pings lower. However, you need to keep in mind that this app has nothing to do with speeding up internet connection for online gaming. 

You can buy this app for $2.99 from Google PlayStore. 

Final Thoughts 

The aforementioned tips given will merely help you to lower the ping levels during online gaming on your Android mobile phone. These are just a few of the things you can do. But if they don’t work, then the error is on the servers’ side. If you have signed up for a reliable internet connection and it still doesn’t provide lower pings during online gaming on your Android mobile phone, then the issue is not from your end. 

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