Zorpads Net Worth 2022

Whether you are a potential investor or a potential buyer, you have probably heard of Zorpads. They have made a name for themselves by becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. As a result, the company’s net worth has been estimated to be worth $222 million in 2022.


Founders of Zorpads, Sierra Smith and Taylor Wiegele, appeared on Shark Tank in January of 2019. They pitched their odor-absorbing shoe inserts, which were developed in the Harvard Innovations Lab. Using NASA-tested technology, Zorpads claimed to remove more shoe odor than any other product on the market.

Zorpads have a moisture-wicking layer, a moisture-absorbing layer, and an adhesive layer, which helps them stick to the inside of shoes. The company is now spending money on Google ads, and has plans to create a marketing strategy. The company has a website and sells in Target stores in the U.S. They also sell through Walmart and other online stores. The pair estimates their annual revenue to be $4 million. Their net worth is estimated to be at least $2 million, but they are still working full-time jobs while growing their business.

Zorpads started out as a Harvard Business School project. The pair sought investment to build their brand and to develop the marketing industry. They were funded by $25K in venture capital. They later received an investment from Lori Greiner, who gave them a 22.5 percent stake in the company.

In January of 2019, the founders appeared on Shark Tank to seek $150,000 for an 8% stake in the company. They were prepared to launch the market, but their offer did not include a guarantee that the segment would air. Their sales had been $103,000 at the time, but the company has been growing rapidly, with sales increasing 400% in the past year. They are now generating $25,000 per month in sales.

The co-founders of Zorpads are also a pair of Harvard Business School graduates. They met while at school, and have since worked together on various projects. Their backgrounds include air filtration and healthcare. Their goal is to create a sustainable business that will help people.

They credit their partners for allowing them to explore the creative side of their business. The company is also dedicated to helping No Kid Hungry by donating ten percent of profits to the charity. They have a website and are in the process of launching a marketing plan.


Despite the plethora of dot coms and dingbats, the Zorpads ain’t slacking. The company has made a big splash in the retail sphere with the likes of an impressive array of well rounded talent and a slew of big name retailers aplenty. A large percentage of their sales consists of aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned retail aficionados and their kin. A healthy dose of customer retention ain’t bad at all. The company has been able to boast an impressive ecommerce track record since inception. Its flagship store in New York City, as well as several regional outposts, are abuzz with high caliber customer service. A recent expansion to the east coast has seen the company relocated to a more spacious aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned locale in the city of sexiest name aforementioned.

Shark Tank appearance

Using the right kind of tack, the aforementioned twosome can be found at work away from their respective workplaces. Using a proprietary system of their own, they have churned out a smorgasbord worthy of the illustrious execs. The aforementioned company boasts a whopping $4 million in annual revenues, with the aforementioned twosome slapping the lion’s share of the mantle. As of June of this year, the aforementioned execs are on their way to their next incarnation. As of this moment in time, no one is judging.

The aforementioned duo are no strangers to the business world. With a revolving door of top notch talent, they have been in this game for more than a year and a half. The aforementioned execs have their hands full in the trenches, albeit at the aforementioned top notch level.

Donations to charity

Whether you’re interested in investing in Zorpads or are simply interested in learning more about the company, you’re in the right place. Zorpads is a company that makes odor-removing pads for shoes, eliminating the need for shoe sprays and powders. In fact, Zorpads has been featured on Shark Tank USA. Zorpads is also profitable enough to donate 10% of its profits to charity. As a result, Zorpads net worth is expected to reach $2 million by 2022. If you’re interested in investing in Zorpads, check out their official website for more information. There, you can also find customer reviews.

If you’re interested in purchasing Zorpads, you can find them on the company’s official website, Amazon, Walmart, and other online stores. You can also purchase a Zorpads debit card or request a new one from the company. When purchasing from the official website, you can check the authenticity of the product. If you need to make a payment, you can also use Paypal.