Zelda Akh Va’quot Shrine Walkthrough

akh va quot shrine walkthrough

The Akh Va’quot Shrine is a place where you can find many fascinating things. For example, you can find a hidden treasure chest and large windmills. You can also find hidden treasure chests and a tough puzzle. However, the game can be a little difficult to get through, so a walkthrough is necessary to solve all the puzzles and find the treasure.


If you’re seeking to collect the Spirit Orb, you can do so by spinning the windmills at the Akh Va’quot shrine. To start spinning the windmills, find the ones with orange blades. They’re tied to orange switches, and you can turn them to make them spin. Once the windmills spin, they will give you the Spirit Orb.

The shrine is located in Rito Village. It is the first shrine you visit in the game. The entrance is inside a windmill, and the shrine has a chest inside it. Near the shrine is a platform with a switch and a fan, and when Link steps on the platform, a constant gust of wind blows on the windmill near Link. When Link is near the windmill, he can use this windmill’s switch to open the gate and gain access to the Ancient Core.

Large wind turbines

Akh Va’quot Shrine is one of the many shrines in the Tabantha Region. The shrine is located on the upper levels and is covered in large, fluttering windmills. The windmills are tied to orange switches that players must turn in order to activate them. After the player activates one of the turbines, the door to the shrine will be unlocked.

There are two stairs behind the shrine. On one side of the shrine, there is a switch that has a windmill and turbine on it. You need to snipe the switch with your arrow so that it swaps places with the turbine. This will open a chest where you can find the Ancient Core. In the second half of the shrine, there are two chests with items.

Hidden treasure chests

The Akh Va’quot Shrine is a treasure trove for those who like to hunt for hidden treasures. This shrine can be found in the Tabantha Region. It is located inside the Rito Village, and you can access it through the upper levels. The shrine is adorned with large wind turbines and windmills that flutter in the wind. To access the treasures, you must manipulate the windmills by hitting a switch in order to make the windmills turn.

You can also find hidden treasure chests at Akh Va’quot shrine in Breath of the Wild’s Ancient Shrine. Upon entering the Shrine, you will find two niches. You can also get a Sapphire and Feathered Spear from one of them.

Tough puzzles

If you’re looking for a walkthrough for the tough puzzles in a Zelda game, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will take you through some of the toughest puzzles in the game, including a tricky section that requires you to blow on windmills. The windmills in Akh Va’quot Shrine are surrounded by huge wind turbines. The windmills are tied to orange switches, which you need to turn to keep them spinning.

You’ll also need to find three treasure chests in the Akh Va’quot shrine. They’re all located in the southeast corner of the shrine. In this area, Link will find a pool of water and outcroppings that have chests on them. The chests are located on these outcroppings, so you’ll have to make ice blocks to reach them. The treasure chests in this area contain a sapphire and a level 22 Feathered Spear.