Zanziman Ellie Net Worth

Almost everyone knows the story of Zanziman Ellie, a young boy with special needs. He was born with microcephaly, a medical condition where the head is smaller than the body. The condition affects only about a dozen people in the world. He was raised in Rwanda. He has been bullied because of his appearance.

During his childhood, villagers in the jungle started harassing Zanziman Ellie because of his physical appearance. They made comments about his facial features. Eventually, Zanziman Ellie fled his village to live in a remote area in the jungle. He grew up with two sisters. During this time, Zanziman Ellie also suffered from learning disabilities. As a result, he was unable to concentrate on school work. In order to escape the bullies, he often had to walk more than twenty miles a day.

Before his birth, his mother had difficulty conceiving. She had lost five children in the past. She asked God for a son that would be abnormal. When Zanziman Ellie was born, his father had already passed away. The parents asked the community to help them raise the baby. But the community rejected them.

A documentary titled “Zanziman Ellie” aired last year, raising money for Ellie and his family. The film showed the life of this young boy and his family. The documentary also exposed the bullying that the villagers were doing to this little boy.

The documentary was aired on YouTube by Afrimax TV. The video then generated a GoFundMe page that received donations from people around the world. These donations were used to send Ellie to a special needs school. After a while, the GoFundMe page became popular and donations for Ellie rose.

Afrimax TV then decided to do a documentary on the life of Zanziman Ellie. The documentary was shown on the Afrimax TV channel in 2020. The mother of Zanziman Ellie gushed about her son. She said that he had been the target of all kinds of bullying throughout his lifetime. She also revealed that villagers in the area were very venomous towards her son.

Although Zanziman Ellie is an African, his story has been widely reported and has gained worldwide attention. He is now a hero to millions of people across the world. Despite his health problems, he is now studying to become a valuable asset in his village. He is now attending the Ubumwe Community Center in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

In addition to his health issues, he has also suffered from learning disabilities. Fortunately, he is able to read and understand instructions given to him by his mother. He also has trouble speaking and hearing.

Although he has been abused by the local villagers, he has been able to survive and provide for his family. Zanziman Ellie lives with his family in Rwanda. He has three bedrooms in his house. The house was built by generous donors. He wears well fitting clothes to school. His mother is a disabled child advocate and has spoken about the cruel villagers in her country.