Yo Gotti Net Worth 2022

Among the many celebrities in the music industry, Yo Gotti has been able to achieve success and build a net worth of over $20 million. This is due to the many things that he has done. Some of the things that he has done include releasing music, having a career in music, being a brand endorser, and driving SUVs. He also has a family and a legacy that he can be proud of.

Early life

Known for his gangsta rap style, Memphis-based rapper Yo Gotti has paved a path to national fame in the early 2000s. While he started out performing in Memphis’ underground scene, he has since paved his way to success with a number of albums and mixtapes.

Yo Gotti’s first single, “Youngsta on a Come Up”, became a local hit and he became the leader of a local underground hip hop group. He later signed to Select-O-Hits for a breakthrough album.

He has released a number of mixtapes and has worked with many rappers and hip hop stars, including Young Jeezy and Bun B on Back 2 da Basics. In 2006, he released a new album, Back 2 da Basics, which reached the third position on the US Rap charts.

He has a huge fan following. His album Life sold 50k copies without any promotions, but it managed to debut at #40 on the Hot R&H Songs chart. He is currently working on his new album CMT, which is due to hit the shelves on April 7th 2009.

Yo Gotti is a family man and is dedicated to his family. He has three children with his wife, Lakeisha Mims. He is also active on social networking sites, such as Twitter and Instagram. He has over 400,000 followers on Twitter and 4.2 million followers on Instagram.

He has been a member of the Memphis hip hop scene since the 90’s. He has produced numerous gold-certified singles. He has collaborated with numerous artists, including Bun B, Young Jeezy, and Zed Zilla. He has also released mixtapes such as Block Burning, Vol. 1 and Life.

Music career

Known as Lil Yo, Yo Gotti’s music career started at an early age. He began performing as a rap artist when he was only 14 years old. As a teenager, he listened to local rappers and Al Capone. He also listened to MJG and Wiz Khalifa.

In 1996, Yo Gotti released his debut album Youngsta’s On a Come Up. The album peaked at number twelve on the Billboard 200. During the album’s first month, it sold about 36,000 copies. It was Yo Gotti’s major-label debut.

After his debut album, he released two more albums. His third album, Back to the Basics, reached the third spot on the US Rap charts.

In the next year, Yo Gotti released the mixtape Gotti Made-It. The mixtape was a collaboration with producer Mike Will Made It. The first single from the mixtape, “Down in the DM,” featured rapper Nicki Minaj. The song reached the eighth spot on the Hot 100.

After the success of his first two albums, Yo Gotti signed with RCA Records in 2006. However, the sales figures weren’t impressive, leading Gotti and RCA to split. The next year, Yo Gotti signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation. In 2013, Gotti released his seventh studio album, I Am.

Gotti has made millions through his music career. He has sold several albums that have peaked at number one on the Billboard 200. He has also earned millions of dollars through endorsement deals. He is also involved in the real estate industry. He owns a ten-million dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Yo Gotti has made his name as one of the best urban music producers in the world. His music is a reflection of his tough upbringing.

Brand endorsements

Among the newest hip-hop artists to team up with a footwear brand, Yo Gotti has joined forces with Puma. He will work with the company to help tell the story of style and sport. He will also be a part of ad campaigns and will work on new product collaborations.

Gotti started his music career at a young age, rapping under the stage name Lil Yo. He has since become an American rapper, record label executive, and entrepreneur. He is also the CEO of his own record label, Collective Music Group.

Although he had a rough year, Yo Gotti is expected to be the highest-paid rapper of all time by 2022. He has an estimated net worth of $6 million. He is considered a hard-core rapper. His wealth is derived from endorsement deals and album sales. He has also built a successful fan base. He owns a Rolls Royce Cullinan, which costs $450,000 plus $30000 for customization.

Yo Gotti was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He started rapping when he was fourteen years old. In the early 2000s, he released a series of mixtapes that earned positive reviews.

Gotti’s first studio album, Life, was released in 2003. It spawned three top-100 singles. It ranked 12th on the US Billboard 200. His next two studio albums, Live From The Kitchen and Untrapped, earned critical acclaim and achieved four successive top ten debuts on the Billboard 200.

Yo Gotti’s upcoming album is called I Still Am. He has also collaborated with many artists. He has also released 22 mixtapes. He has a large fan base and has a total of 128 million Instagram followers. He charges between $50,000 and $80,000 to perform a show.


Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, you have to know that Yo Gotti is one of the richest rappers in the United States. He has earned $16 million in the year 2022. His net worth includes the amount of money he earns from his music and his personal investments.

Gotti is also the owner of the Collective Music Group record label. This label has signed rappers like 42 Dugg and Youngsta. In addition to signing artists, Yo Gotti also produces music. Besides his music, Gotti also endorses clothing and other products. He endorses brands like Rocksmith Clothing, Hood America, and Pure Atlanta.

As of January 2021, Gunna’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million. This includes his income from YouTube and other streams of music. He has over 850 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. During his career, he has released many mixtapes and singles. His latest album, Hard Body, was released in 2017.

Yo Gotti owns a 10-million-dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The mansion features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The home has a swimming pool and a large screen room.

Youngsta was born in Compton, California and has been a part of the Bloods gang. When he was 16 years old, he joined the gang. His father was in prison for tax fraud. He is believed to be the one who killed Young Dolph.

Young Dolph was shot three times in Hollywood. He was also suspected to be the one who killed Youngsta’s grandmother. After the murders, the two rappers were named as suspects.

Yo Gotti has been in a romantic relationship with Jammie Modzedz. He has three children from three different women. He was married to Lakeisha Mims, and has also been divorced from her.


Despite having been a drug dealer and gang member in his younger years, Yo Gotti has been able to make a name for himself in the industry. He has released several mixtapes over the years and has managed to create a huge following in Memphis. His album The Art of Hustle was released in 2016.

In addition to his musical output, Yo Gotti has also made a name for himself as a businessman. He owns a Ferrari 458 Spider, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Jeep. He has also donated to various charities. He is currently working on his sixth studio album.

During his time in the music industry, he has worked with many artists, including Drake, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, and more. He is currently the CEO of his own label, CMG. Previously known as the Cocaine Muzik Group, CMG is a music label that has a lot of hot artists under its wings.

While there are many things to like about Gotti, his legacy is most definitely built on his music. He has released several mixtapes, including the Cocaine Muzik series and the Live from the Kitchen series. Both of these albums have managed to secure the top spots on the US Rap charts. In fact, the Live from the Kitchen mixtape has sold over 36 thousand copies.

In addition to his music, Yo Gotti has also launched his own philanthropic foundation. He has donated to various charities, including Memphis Children’s Hospital. He has also been instrumental in helping reduce crime in his hometown of Memphis.

Yo Gotti’s legacy can also be seen in his ability to navigate through several label bankruptcies. He has survived these setbacks and has managed to sell over one million records in the United States.