Ximena Duque Net Worth

Ximena Duque is an award winning Colombian actress. She started her acting career in 2005 and has appeared in many telenovelas. She became a star after starring in El Rostro de Analia, one of the most popular Colombian telenovelas of all time. She has also been featured in other telenovelas including Bella calamidades, Duenos del paraiso, Primero de enero and La casa de al lad. She has also been seen in several films. She has been awarded Premios Tu Mundo in various categories and won the best bad girl category in the Premios Tu Mundo awards for the year 2014. She has also been awarded in the Best Kiss and The Perfect Couple category in the Premios Tu MUNDO Awards for the year 2014.

Ximena Duque started her career in a reality show called Protagonistas de Novela, which is a televised series that seeks out new talent in the entertainment industry. In addition to her work in this show, she has been featured in Days of Our Lives, which is a hit television series in Hollywood. She has also been a part of the Spanish-language drama, Queen of the South.

During her teenage years, Ximena was a model and studied acting in Miami, Florida. She made her telenovela debut in the Spanish-language telenovela Sonar no cuesta nada, where she played the role of Maria Aguilar. She later starred in the television series Pecados ajenos where she played the role of Ana Lucia Hidalgo. She also starred in the film Valeria, where she was seen playing the role of Ana Lucia Hidalgo. Her film career continued when she was cast in the telenovela El rostro de Analia. She starred in the telenovela with Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Ximena Duque is married to Jay Adkins and has a daughter from her previous relationship with Christian Carabias. Ximena Duque and Jay Adkins got engaged in December of 2016, and a son named Cristian Carabias Duque was born in July of 2018. Since the birth of her son, Ximena has been very active in social media. Her Instagram page is mostly ordinary, but it has some real content. She has over 3 million followers on her account.

After her divorce from her husband, Ximena Duque dated a Cuban actor named Pedro Moreno for a while. The couple separated after a few years. It was during this time that Ximena decided to focus on her acting career. She started studying accent neutralisation and diction. She has acted in the film Primero de enero in 2014 and the telenovela La casa de al lad in 2015.

Ximena has appeared in other telenovelas such as Pecados ajenos, Primero de enero, La casa de al lad and Valeria. She has also been seen in the Spanish-language movie, Queen of the South, which was released in 2013. Ximena has been a part of the Billboard Latin Music Awards held in Coral Gables, Florida. She has also attended the show at the Watsco Center in Washington, DC.