Why Won’t ITunes Accept My PayPal?

ITunes is Apple’s proprietary media management software designed for iPods, iPhones and iPads. Users can use ITunes to play, download and organize digital audio and video files.

iTunes and App Store may provide error messages stating, “Your payment method was declined.” There may be various causes behind this message.

1. You don’t have a PayPal account

By having a PayPal account, it’s easier to shop the iTunes Store and other Apple digital stores without sharing any financial data with Apple directly. Plus, PayPal will help bypass region-locked apps by verifying your address; unlike Apple Pay which relies on agreements between local credit card processors and banks for approval of payments.

If iTunes or the App Store is rejecting your payment method, it could be because there’s an issue with your billing information. This could happen after moving, getting a new card, or accidentally inputting inaccurate details. To make sure everything is accurate, visit Purchase History within your account to view any purchases that need paying for. If any are listed without payment option chosen yet, add or select another card payment to resolve them quickly and seamlessly.

On an iPhone or iPad, you can view your payment information by going into Settings, tapping your name at the top of the screen and then selecting “iTunes and App Store”. This will take you directly to the Purchase History page where any unpaid transactions can be seen. If you have a family plan and one member has not paid their subscriptions, check if all family members use identical payment methods; ensure card information matches across family plans as well.

iTunes may not accept PayPal payments because you have not added it to your Apple ID yet. To add PayPal payments, visit the Settings app on your smartphone or tablet and tap on “iTunes and Store.”

If the above steps don’t resolve your issues, contact your bank to determine why your card has been declined. If there are no outstanding transactions on your account, try adding PayPal back by visiting the Manage Payments screen on an iPhone or iPad and selecting “Add payment method.” Remember that iTunes and App Store prioritize payment methods according to preference – your preferred method should appear near the top.

2. You’re not in the US

When adding PayPal as a payment method in iTunes or the App Store, an error message stating you entered your card’s security code incorrectly may appear despite having provided all necessary data correctly. This could be because Apple and PayPal are checking where you’re located to determine if any content that’s unavailable in your region was attempted to be purchased by you.

As mentioned previously, another possible reason may be pending purchases on your account, which you can view by viewing your Purchase History. If any unpaid purchases exist in your Purchase History, they must be cancelled out as well as updated payment information before purchasing anything again from iTunes or App Store.

If you have multiple payment methods connected to your Apple ID, iTunes and the App Store attempt to bill them from most recent to least recent. In your Manage Payments page, you can change their order so that Apple Credit comes first – this will prevent iTunes or App Store from charging you for content that may not be available in your country or region.

3. You’re not in the UK

If your payment method was denied when trying to purchase something from iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks Store, you might be in an unexpected country. To identify where you live in Apple ID’s Purchase History. If any pending purchases exist that require updating credit/debit card information and payment for their purchases before it can be used again.

4. You’re not in Australia

If you live outside Australia and try to use PayPal as a payment method on iTunes or the App Store, PayPal won’t work; PayPal is only supported in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy Netherlands New Zealand Spain & USA. In order to stop receiving these messages you may need to update or cancel pending purchases – for more help visit here: Managing Pending Purchases on the iTunes and App Store