Why We Use OpenOffice Impress

Impress, part of Sun Microsystems’ Apache OpenOffice office suite package and developed by Sun Microsystems, is an presentation program similar to Microsoft PowerPoint that is capable of saving presentations in various file formats like PPT and PDF.

Imagine giving a presentation in which the room computer doesn’t contain the software to run your slideshow; don’t panic: with Impress on a USB drive you can easily take Impress with you to run it smoothly!

It’s free

OpenOffice Impress is an accessible presentation-making software with lots of presentation-making features and supports most common file formats used by other programs. As part of OpenOffice office suite, this component includes word processor, spreadsheet program, database software and drawing tool – so your presentation needs needn’t go without this tool either!

Features of Educreation’s features include simple yet flexible drawing and diagramming tools, slide show animation and effects, as well as an impressive variety of colors and templates for backgrounds. Its user interface resembles that of Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote; moreover it supports multiple screens or monitors for presenters to easily view upcoming slides, the time, notes while their presentations remain on display. Furthermore, users may install the Open Clip Art Library, an image repository useful in general presentation projects, available as a ready-to-use open source package available in Linux distributions like Debian Gentoo Mandriva.

OpenOffice Impress is an easy and accessible way to quickly create or revise existing presentations, or edit existing ones. The program resembles Microsoft PowerPoint in terms of layout, making creating slideshows as simple as pressing “F5.” In addition, OpenOffice Impress can record timings for each slide before playing back the recording later.

The program features various editing and viewing modes, such as Normal (for basic content editing), Outline, Slides, Notes and Handout – plus a thumbnail sheet view that makes finding and organizing slides much faster! Keyboard shortcuts are supported and AutoRecovery information, hardware acceleration settings, macro security settings or custom websites can be saved as part of its configuration settings for web searches can all be easily managed with this software.

OpenOffice Impress is capable of exporting to multiple formats beyond standard Microsoft PowerPoint files, including the XML-based.odp format which has recently become the international standard for office documents. This gives Impress an edge as you’re not limited to using it exclusively when creating presentations; alternatively it can even export back into PowerPoint should you need to send files out without OpenOffice installed on their computer.

OpenOffice suite boasts many great features, but it does have some drawbacks as well. It may not be user-friendly presentation program and its user interface may be confusing at times. Furthermore, downloading its setup file takes quite some time, as well as installing other office programs during installation process.

It’s easy to use

OpenOffice Impress is an easy, free presentation software with all the features necessary for slideshow presentations, including support for common file formats used by other programs like PowerPoint. Furthermore, this versatile program runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems and allows for extended functionality via program extensions as well as keystroke shortcuts for various commands.

Impress offers all the tools necessary for creating multimedia presentations, from 2D and 3D clip art to high-impact drawing tools and import/convert PowerPoint files with ease into Impress files. It even comes with various layouts/templates so your presentations stand out from competitors!

Another outstanding feature of this program is that it enables you to save your presentations using OpenDocument standard format, an XML-based file that can be read by other programs like Microsoft PowerPoint for easy sharing among people. Furthermore, presentations can also be exported as PDF or Flash for viewing on different computers.

The program does have some drawbacks, though most can be mitigated through upgrading to the latest version. For instance, the interface may initially seem somewhat disorienting as its default view displays the current slide in the middle with Slides pane on the left and Task pane on the right – this layout may not be ideal on small-screen monitors; you should consider changing settings to maximize window size instead.

Additionally, this program lacks an ability to add alternative descriptions for images – an issue for users requiring accessibility support. You may still add descriptions for every image separately using another application. Furthermore, it does not automatically generate a table of contents for documents, which can make finding what you need easier.

It’s open source

Apache OpenOffice is an open-source office suite consisting of programs for creating documents (Writer), presentations (Impress), spreadsheets (Calc), graphics (Draw) and databases (Base). With no purchase or licensing costs associated with its use on any suitable computer and its license under Apache V2 – Apache OpenOffice represents an alternative solution to Microsoft Office that has long been considered its main competitor.

Normal for general editing; Outline for organizing text content), Slides (to create and edit your slideshow presentation), and Handouts (for printing paper copies of your slideshow) are among its many editing and viewing modes, with Normal being for general editing, Outline being an organizational tool, Slides being the place for creating slideshow presentations as well as Handouts being printed paper copies of it. Furthermore, this software supports many file formats; import/export Microsoft PowerPoint files are supported while Flash presentations created can be played on any computer with Flash player installed – an awesome feature!

This program comes equipped with an assortment of templates to get you started quickly, while you can further personalize and add images from your own clip art library. Furthermore, multiple monitor support allows presenters to more easily use this application while keyboard shortcuts make accessing key functions a snap – there is even an inbuilt spell check feature to double-check spelling before giving your presentation!

OOo Impress is designed to be easy and straightforward, featuring an intuitive user interface and available in multiple languages. Unfortunately, its large installation file may pose issues for some users; luckily a portable version does not require downloading the entire office suite and loads much faster – perfect if you want to share presentations with people who do not use OOo Impress. Plus it keeps up-to-date with updates and bug fixes.

It’s powerful

PowerPoint has long dominated electronic presentation software, but OpenOffice Impress is becoming more and more popular among businesspeople. Its features allow presenters to grab the attention of their audiences for an engaging, informative, and entertaining presentation experience.

2D and 3D clip art make creating multimedia presentations easier, as does its high-impact drawing tools and special effects. Furthermore, presenters can take advantage of high-impact drawing tools for high impact drawing effects as well as embedding photos or videos; these media elements provide audiences with another perspective or show real life examples related to what’s being discussed – breaking up a long presentation so it is easier for audiences to follow.

Impress stands apart from Microsoft PowerPoint by offering multiple views for editing and viewing slides, such as Normal (for general editing), Outline, Notes and Handout views as well as its thumbnail sheet view to quickly locate and order slides quickly as well as its Slide Show view for presenting slides with sound and music accompaniment.

Graphical tools in OpenOffice allow you to add backgrounds, shapes, and colors to text and graphics documents, as well as animations for objects, charts, and slide transitions. Furthermore, OpenDocument XML format supports document sharing among OpenOffice programs as well as Microsoft Office users.

Impress offers the ability to crop pictures interactively or using a dialog box, automatically detects the best aspect ratio for any given photo and applies appropriate settings, and provides you with the option of customizing its border color – an invaluable feature!

Impress has more advanced formatting features than PowerPoint, yet lacks several other features such as three-color gradients, double and triple borders or round-dotted borders. Furthermore, Impress does not have the same level of accessibility support.

Also lacking is a chart effects feature allowing for animated group or category charts simultaneously, it does feature sound association allowing you to associate specific objects with specific sounds; useful when adding sales charts as it could play specific songs when they appear.