Why Does Jiffy Lube Change Transmission Fluid?

A vehicle’s drivetrain consists of three distinct parts that require periodic fluid changes: transmission, differential, and transfer case (in four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles). Regular drivetrain service will help ensure that your car is putting out maximum power to its wheels.

Jiffy Lube locations have recently come under scrutiny for upselling unnecessary services and upselling to customers without their consent. Therefore, it is crucial that customers contact them ahead of time for a price quote prior to getting an oil change at this facility.


Transmissions are complex pieces of machinery that power the wheels to accelerate your car. Over time, however, they require fluids to lubricate and cool them; at Jiffy Lube they offer fluid replacement services according to manufacturer recommendations to keep it operating at peak performance. By changing out this fluid regularly they ensure early wear on gears is prevented as well as proper functioning for optimal transmission performance.

A vehicle’s drivetrain comprises its differential, transfer case (found on four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles), transmission, and fluid replacement needs at different intervals. Differentials and transfer cases use lubricating fluid that keeps them cool and running smoothly while changing it periodically will protect from high operating temperatures or excessive wear and tear.

Most quick lube shops will replace fluid, but it’s important to remember that each location is independently owned and operated. Therefore, service quality may differ between locations: some may use lower quality oil at cheaper rates while other locations might use OEM recommended fluid instead.

Jiffy Lube became embroiled in a scandal in 2009 for doing unnecessary repairs on customer cars. Although top brass of the company pledged that such illegal behaviors would cease, some locations continued with them resulting in numerous lawsuits being filed against it.

As it’s impossible to know if all Jiffy Lube shops are fraudulent, those that are are likely charging extra for services you don’t require or want. One effective way of avoiding this scammy practice is asking what the price of service will be before allowing them to work on your car and then verifying that they adhere to either what was quoted or honor any coupons you might have available; this way you will avoid hidden fees that can add up quickly – also always check BBB ratings prior to taking your vehicle into a Jiffy Lube

Transfer Case

Transfer cases are components that transfer engine power between the front and rear wheels in cars, trucks and SUVs with all-wheel or four-wheel drive systems. They use driveshafts to transfer this energy between axles. Automakers typically recommend changing differential fluid at various intervals; check your owner’s manual to see what your recommended schedule is. Our Valvoline Differential and Transfer Case Service can keep your car in top condition by cleaning out existing deposits as well as helping prevent new ones from forming – keeping it running at peak condition!

Jiffy Lube became so successful during the early 1990s that it met all of the qualifications for public stock trading and its stock even reached the top of Nasdaq at one time! Unfortunately, however, soon thereafter Jiffy Lube International would be taken over by another company.

Jiffy Lube’s new owners had much work to do to restore its reputation, including making sure their workers weren’t taking advantage of customers. To this end, they conducted investigations at multiple Jiffy Lube locations throughout Southern California that revealed multiple instances of fraudulent practices perpetrated by employees of the company.

Jiffy Lube employees had also become pushy about selling services to their customers. For example, they would frequently inform them that their brake fluid levels were low and needed replacing immediately – this practice spawned multiple lawsuits filed by disgruntled customers against Jiffy Lube.

Due to these incidents, Jiffy Lube owners decided to implement changes at their shops. First they began training employees how to recognize suspicious behavior and be more honest with customers; and they also adjusted how they did business by limiting how much oil changes cost; this allowed them to remain competitive within fast lube industry and build good rapport amongst their customer base.


When turning your vehicle, the differential allows the outside and inside wheels to rotate at different speeds when turning your steering wheel. This is accomplished using gears which enable smooth turns. Differential fluid lubricates gears, bearings and shafts in this system. Over time however, its performance can deteriorate, leading to damage of this component and making turning difficult for vehicle. By changing out your differential fluid regularly it may help avoid this issue altogether.

At Jiffy Lube Multicare services, technicians will check the differential fluid to see if it needs changing and, if it does, drain and replace with fluid that meets manufacturer recommendations. They’ll also monitor radiator levels and replace coolant as necessary.

Most vehicles contain two differentials; one in the front and one at the rear. The front differential is used for turning, which produces significant heat when driving; this heat can cause it to overheat and need replacement; its fluid helps reduce this heat while simultaneously lubricating gears.

Properly functioning differentials can ensure longer driving without overheating issues, so it is vitally important that the differential fluid be changed regularly.

While differential oil changes can be done at home, many opt to visit their nearest Jiffy Lube for service. Their services are quick and convenient – not to mention that many have reported being upsold unnecessary services that they didn’t require! Unfortunately though, some have complained of being upsold services without need.

Though many customers have had positive experiences at Jiffy Lube, it is wise to be wary of any recommendations made by the company and trust a mechanic instead. Your owner’s manual may offer more insight than an outside company could. Regardless of car model or age, regular oil changes should always be performed by trusted mechanics.

Cooling System

The cooling system of your vehicle is an integral component. It serves to keep the engine cool and prevent overheating. In addition, this component lubricates moving parts within your engine for smooth running performance.

Jiffy Lube offers this service as part of their Multicare Service to make sure the moving parts in your engine remain properly lubricated. Their technicians will assess your coolant level and replace if necessary; additionally they’ll check and inspect your radiator to make sure everything is functioning optimally.

The differential is an integral part of your car’s drivetrain that facilitates turning. It works by enabling outside wheels to turn at different speeds than inside wheels; its fluid lubricates gears and bearings in this system; it should therefore be changed regularly for optimal functioning.

Changeing differential fluid is a simple process that consists of draining out old fluid and replacing it with new. Any old oil that remains is collected for recycling before your technician refills your differential with 4-5 quarts of manufacturer-recommended fluid.

Jiffy Lube is one of the largest quick lube chains in the US with more than 2,000 locations, offering oil changes, transmission service and other maintenance services at competitive rates. They pride themselves on being fast and affordable services for 24 million customers annually – providing fast service at reasonable costs is their mantra!

Undercover investigators posing as customers have reported some Jiffy Lube centers of fraud by uncovering evidence that certain technicians charged customers for services they didn’t perform; furthermore, some technicians recommended unnecessary services for customers.

Fraud by Jiffy Lube service providers is illegal and prosecutable by state consumer protection agencies. If you suspect being victimized by this type of scam, reach out to your local consumer protection agency as soon as possible – not only can they assist in filing a claim with them but they will also investigate to ensure your provider has been operating legally.