Why Do They Call It Sprite?

When it comes to sodas, Sprite is one of the more well-known names. The company has built a ‘brand equity’ on the beverage, and its marketing efforts have been heavily aimed at attracting young consumers. Since 1961, Sprite has been sold in more than 190 countries, making it the world’s third most popular soft drink.

Sprite was initially introduced to the United States market in the year 1961. Its original formulation was lemon-lime flavored. The original formula remains its most popular variety. Throughout its history, Sprite has also been offered in a number of other flavored varieties. These include orange, tropical mix, grape, raspberry and vanilla.

Originally, Sprite was marketed as a mixer. However, the company soon realized that it could be used as an alternative to colas, and the company began to focus more on the “cool factor”. By the late 1970s, Sprite had already become a favorite among young adults, especially those whose parents had abandoned colas.

After its introduction in the US, Sprite became an instant hit. In addition to being a cool and refreshing name, it was also easy to recognize. Because the beverage was made from carbonated water, its bottles and cans have a distinctive look. Many of them are green, blue or silver.

In the early days of hip-hop, Sprite sponsored rapper Rakim. Likewise, it has been a part of several commercials and campaigns featuring NBA superstars such as LeBron James and Tim Duncan. Most of these campaigns highlight the drink’s flavor profile, which includes the tart and sweet taste of lemon and lime.

Sprite has also been known to promote itself through social media. Recently, the beverage has begun using bar codes on its soda cans, which are designed to look like Snapchat images. One of its most notable advertising campaigns is the “Obey Your Thirst” campaign, which was first launched in 1994. The commercials feature a mascot named Miles Thirst. This character is meant to symbolize the cool and freshness of the beverage.

Although Sprite is still considered a great name, the brand has undergone many changes over the years. The company changed its formula, reducing its sugar content, and reformulated the product with the help of the additive Stevia. Eventually, the beverage was reformulated in the United Kingdom to reduce calories. In the ensuing years, the formula was reformulated in Ireland and France.

As the decades have passed, Sprite has branched out and continues to expand its “brand equity” through marketing campaigns, merchandising, and even packaging. One of the most important aspects of the drink is its bottle, which has always had dimples. Dimples are small bubbles that are formed on the bottom of the bottle. They are meant to resemble the bubbles found in a carbonated drink.

Green has always been a very prominent color for Sprite, and has been used in many of its ads. In the late 1980s, the beverage started to become associated with hip-hop culture. At that time, the company created a spokesman, a character called “Miles,” who was meant to be a pop icon in hip-hop. While the character is not active today, he has been recreated in the form of a doll, and has appeared in several commercials.