Why Do Rabbits Like Blankets?

Despite their domesticated status, rabbits still have some wild instincts. Their natural instincts include hiding and burrowing in a way that mimics their wild counterparts.

When the weather gets cold, bunnies love to snuggle up in soft blankets and towels. These materials provide a sense of warmth that they find comforting and relaxing, especially when they’re sleeping.

If you have a blanket or towel lying around your house, you may want to throw it over your rabbit’s cage so that it can sleep protected from the elements. This is a safe alternative to other forms of cover and will allow air to circulate through the hutch without compromising ventilation or blocking your pet’s view of the outdoors.

Blankets are also great for reducing the risk of scratch injuries, so be sure to choose one that is comfortable and has a soft, smooth surface. Avoid using a blanket that is too big for your rabbit or has loose threads. These can entangle or even break your pet’s legs, which can injure her.

It’s a good idea to keep the blanket clean so that it doesn’t get soiled by dirt, soil, and other things that your rabbit might eat. Be sure to wash the blanket regularly, and check it periodically for any holes caused by chewing or accidents.

A Blanket Can Protect Your Rabbit’s Paws

Sometimes, it can be too much for a bunny to endure the metal floors in some cages. This can cause a painful sore on the hocks, which can make your rabbit less than happy. A blanket will help prevent this from happening and also protect your rabbit’s paws while they are sleeping.

The best blankets for rabbits are small and lightweight. This will minimize the chance of them getting tangled up in it or even suffocating, so be sure to select something that is sized properly for your rabbit’s needs.

Another option is to use a mat made from grass, straw, or hay that your rabbit can roll on when she wants a little extra comfort. Grass mats can be made out of safe tree fibers that aren’t harmful to rabbits, and they can provide them with some needed cushioning while they sleep.

When a blanket is used in a hutch, be sure to weight it down so that it doesn’t slip off the bars and fall on your pet. This is important because it can be dangerous if your pet tries to jump out of their cage or escape out of the back.

Lastly, always be sure to remove the blanket when it gets dirty or has been soiled by your pet’s feces or urine. A blanket that is frequently soiled can create a breeding ground for bacteria, which will cause your rabbit to develop an illness or infection.

Do Rabbits Like Blankets Over Their Cages?

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to want to cover their rabbit’s cage with a blanket. This will reduce the chances of their bunny falling out, and it can be a more convenient solution than other forms of cover.