Why Do Mothers Love Sons More Than Daughters?

Mothers tend to treat sons more favorably than daughters. While this behavior is often ignored, a survey conducted by Netmums reveals how common it is and why.

Boys tend to be more dependent on their parents for emotional and physical comfort than girls are, which can carry over into adulthood. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing; if children grow up feeling loved and secure in the arms of their parents, they are more likely to blossom into strong, independent adults.

Boys may become clingy for various reasons, such as an absent father figure, insecurity due to changing family dynamics or an unmet need for physical or emotional closeness or attention. As parents it is essential that we are sensitive to this need and help our son find healthy ways of expressing it.

Providing Emotional Support: When a child is going through a trying time, their mother will often be the first person to offer comfort and advice. This can be especially invaluable to them when dealing with issues like anxiety or depression.

Encouragement and Empowerment: When a child is facing an overwhelming difficulty, their mother will often be the one to stand up for them, offer advice, and inspire them to keep going with life. This can give them strength during trying times and boost their self-esteem in the process.

Moms are adept communicators: They typically speak softly and openly to their sons, as well as being excellent listeners. This enables their sons to speak without fear or inhibitions, which helps build trust between them.

They instill responsible decision-making in their sons: A good mother will set an example for their children by setting boundaries and not allowing them to do things that will hurt them, yet also helping them understand that mistakes are part of life and can be corrected.

Their sons are more likely to succeed: A supportive mom provides her son with the resources and motivation they need for success in school, work, and beyond. This will enable them to reach their objectives, hone their skillsets, and mature into strong adults who can manage on their own.

Mothers have a greater influence over their son’s decision-making: A mother is an expert when it comes to life’s important choices, often serving as mentor and guide for her son. She will teach him responsibility, help him make wise choices regarding career or relationships, etc.

A son who has a close bond with his mother will likely enjoy a happy and fulfilling marriage. This connection also influences how he interacts with his spouse and children, so it’s essential for parents to nurture this bond as their son grows into adulthood.