Why Do Clear Phone Cases Turn Yellow?

An acrylic phone case may look beautiful when brand new, but over time its color can oxidize due to natural oils from skin cells and sunlight exposure causing oxidation.

Clean your case regularly and keep it away from direct sunlight to maintain its appearance, but natural aging cannot be completely stopped.

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UV Light

Clear cases are great for showing off the design of your phone, but over time they may develop an unsightly yellow hue due to exposure to UV rays and heat. Most transparent cases made out of silicone or acrylic plastic degrade when exposed to these factors and turn yellow, though this doesn’t affect their durability; only their appearance changes.

Heat and natural oils can also contribute to discoloration in clear phone cases. Chemicals from your skin’s natural oils can pass through and into the case, turning yellowish or even creating unpleasant odors. Sweat from hands may transfer onto the phone case causing it to become dirty over time.

The ideal way to clean a clear phone case is to remove it from its enclosure and give it a good scrub with mild soap and water at least once every week, letting the case air-dry completely afterwards to prevent yellowing or staining of its surface.

If the yellowing or stains cannot be eliminated with this approach, commercial plastic cleaners may help. You can find such products both online and in stores that sell plastic cleaners; just make sure that you strictly adhere to any directions on them.

To avoid your clear phone case from turning yellow, store it in a cool and dark location when not being used, out of direct sunlight. Also consider giving it regular cleanings with warm water and mild soap to maintain optimal condition.

Natural Oils

Clear phone cases provide the perfect way to show off your device while protecting it, making them extremely popular. Unfortunately, like any item they will eventually begin turning yellow due to UV light exposure, natural oils produced from within, or heat exposure – an inevitable natural process which affects all items.

Hard and inflexible cases don’t suffer from yellowing as much due to different materials used, while soft silicone cases tend to yellow quicker due to being less durable and having more of an tendency towards degrading over time.

One other factor contributing to your clear case becoming yellowed over time is your natural oils from touching it with your hand, when touching your phone it transfers these oils onto it and causes it to yellow over time. Harsh cleaners can further discolor this effect.

Oil from your hands can also leave behind residue on your phone case, compounding the issue further. To combat this problem and ensure it stays looking new for longer, be sure to regularly clean and store your phone case away from sunlight and any harmful elements.

Though there may not be a definitive answer as to why clear phone cases turn yellow, there are steps you can take to keep this from occurring. Regularly cleaning with mild soap and water solutions as well as keeping out of direct sunlight as well as not using harsh cleaners is recommended to minimize yellowing of cases.

Scrubbing alcohol can also help remove build up on your case. Before proceeding with a thorough clean-up session, always test a small area first. In order to prolong its usefulness and keep it cool and dark places – storing in a bag might even be best – try keeping the case out of direct sunlight when not being used.


As you use your phone, your hands sweat, which causes bacteria to build up on the case of your phone. This is often why clear cases turn yellow over time; as such, regular case cleaning should be undertaken using either soap and water or Isopropyl alcohol solutions.

By keeping the case clean, it will remain free from dirt and natural oils, helping prevent it from turning yellow over time. It is recommended to do a deep clean once every two days or at least once every week if used daily; keeping it this way may extend its life, meaning less replacement needs in future years.

Apart from cleaning it regularly, another way to keep your clear phone case looking new is purchasing a higher quality case. While cheaper cases may turn yellow over time, more expensive ones often contain thermoplastic urethane (TPU), making them less likely to degrade or yellow as quickly.

Some may suggest bleaching their phone case to combat yellowing, but this should be avoided at all costs as bleaching could leave permanent damage to it. Furthermore, once clear phone cases begin yellowing they cannot be restored back to their original state.

Clear cases cannot be prevented from turning yellow through anything other than regular cleaning and avoiding too much sunlight and chemicals exposure, however if they start turning yellow you must be prepared to buy a replacement one if necessary – purchasing plastic or metal cases instead can reduce risk while creating more appealing appearances.


Dust can exacerbate yellow discoloration on clear phone cases due to microorganisms found within it that can turn them yellow when in contact with them, creating a chemical reaction which leads to yellowing and other types of oxidation – something it is essential for maintaining its appearance whether your phone case is made from plastic or silicone! Regular cleaning will prevent such discolorations.

Cases made from soft, flexible materials like silicone or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) tend to yellow over time, whereas hard inflexible cases made of materials like polycarbonate tend to yellow less quickly due to their inability to absorb dirt stains as readily. More rigid materials absorb less dirt thus keeping your device looking like new longer than more flexible cases do.

To prevent clear cases from turning yellow over time, the best solution is regular cleaning with soap and water or an anti-plastic cleaner designed specifically for plastics. Furthermore, keeping it out of direct sunlight as much as possible may help limit build-up of natural oils and UV light that may cause it to yellow over time.

Once a clear case begins to yellow, it can often be difficult or impossible to restore to its original color due to oxidation processes that have gone too far – meaning the case will need to be replaced as part of its replacement plan.

Avoiding your clear phone case from becoming yellow by regularly and regularly cleaning it with soap and water or an appropriate cleaner like vinegar or isopropyl alcohol, you can help extend its longevity and ensure it remains looking its best for as long as possible. Doing this will remove oil, sweat or dust that could be contributing to it becoming discolored while simultaneously disinfecting it – protecting and prolonging its look as much as possible!