Why Do Billiard Balls Turn Yellow?

Billiard balls take a lot of abuse during play. They can become dirty, dull and even yellow over time due to the constant contact with dust, chalk, oil residues and other debris that is generated while playing the game. If these stains are not cleaned properly they can damage the surface of the ball and make it harder to slide and shoot the cue stick into the pocket. This is not only unattractive but it also negatively impacts the performance of the billiard table and shortens the life of the pool table cloth.

Billiards balls that turn yellow and dull are a result of many factors including air, heat, and light, as well as the oxidation process known as photodegradation. The oxidation process occurs when the billiard ball is exposed to direct sunlight or hot temperatures, this causes the natural color of the billiard ball to fade and it turns yellow and dull over time.

Using household cleaners on a set of billiards balls can also cause them to turn yellow or dull. These cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to the billiard balls and can damage the fabric of the table. Toothpaste, in particular, can leave a sticky residue on the billiard balls that is difficult to remove and can damage the surface of the balls.

Regularly cleaning your billiards balls with a high quality product such as the Aramith billiard ball restorer can help prevent them from turning yellow and keep them clean and shiny. This is especially important in the summer, as high temperatures and UV exposure can cause them to become dull and yellow over time.

Another important tip to remember is to store your billiards balls in a cool and dark place when not in use. This will prevent them from being exposed to heat, UV and other environmental pollutants that can cause them to become dull or yellow.

Having yellow, dull or discolored billiards balls will not affect the gameplay of your pool table, but they will negatively impact the appearance of your venue and could potentially discourage patrons from visiting your establishment. By following these simple tips from BarZcash, a leader in cashless pool table payment systems, you can easily avoid this problem and ensure that your billiards balls are kept in their best condition.

When storing your billiards balls, it is recommended to place them in an airtight container or a case to protect them from dust and other environmental contaminants. Ideally, you should only store your billiards balls in the container when you are ready to play, as storing them for extended periods of time can cause them to lose their shine and may even damage the core of the billiard ball. By regularly using a high quality billiard ball restorer and storing your billiards balls in a protective case, you can maintain the quality of your billiards equipment for a long period of time and keep them looking new.