Why Andrew Tate is So Controversial

It’s not hard to find a slew of people who have a love-hate relationship with Andrew Tate, a self-described “senior” actor and a self-proclaimed “con artist” who is alleged to have raped and raped a number of women. He also has been accused of human trafficking and a number of other crimes. As a result, he’s been banned from several of the biggest social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. That is, in the name of public safety and privacy.

What makes Andrew Tate’s views so controversial? In addition to the usual suspects, Tate’s views are a rearticulation of the men’s movement of the 1970s and 1980s. The most obvious example of this is the aforementioned re-imagining of male supremacy. For the uninitiated, this entails an edgy, albeit mostly incoherent, social milieu in which a select few men wield power as a sort of yoke over the women of the household.

Tate has a few things going for him. His wit is more than enough to wrangle a wife and two daughters, but his blustery ego and egotistical sense of entitlement leave much to be desired. This, coupled with his ill-advised philandering, has led to accusations of sex-based human trafficking, misogyny, and even murder. Currently, Tate is serving a 30-day prison sentence for a crime he has no real evidence to support.

In addition to his egotisms, he’s been the target of numerous media outlets for a number of ludicrous claims. Some claim that he owes his success to a plethora of misogynistic social media platforms, and that he’s been able to scrounge up millions of dollars in a sting operation that has netted him an army of fans and followers. Among these followers is the aforementioned Feroze Khan, who praised Tate’s talents on his social media accounts, while posting a screenshot of an ill-advised tweet. Earlier this year, Tate landed in the media spotlight for another reason, in that his girlfriend and former model Syeda Aliza Sultan filed a lawsuit against him for physically abusing her. She said the claim was based on a series of text messages exchanged in the weeks prior. Considering the amount of vitriol he received, he might just have found his demise.

One other thing he’s done to boost his popularity is to write and release a few slick and very entertaining YouTube videos. While his Twitter and Instagram accounts have been banned, he’s managed to retain a cult-like following through other social media avenues. Until Tate’s legal woes are resolved, however, his influence on social media may be limited to the aforementioned bluster.