Who Owns Klook?

Klook has demonstrated its flexibility by reprioritizing operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, positioning itself for growth when restrictions ease. Their focus is localized marketing that reaches customers worldwide.

LinkedIn can be an effective tool for finding founders with the appropriate skill set, according to a recent study. Klook uses it as part of their hiring process – “courting” potential co-founders with them using LinkedIn – so their commitment and passion align with Klook’s vision.

Co-founders Eric Gnock Fah and Eric Lin

Klook was established by three young entrepreneurs (Ethan Lin, Eric Gnock Fah and Bernie Xiaokang Xiong) as an idea that has since evolved into an app dominating Asian travel reservation services. Launched in 2014, holidaymakers can use Klook to book transport and excursions for holiday trips. Klook boasts over 10,000 industry partners and processes over 25 million monthly bookings through its platform; due to its incredible growth it now operates worldwide and boasts an established and safe reputation for travel services.

Security and customer service are at the core of their operation, offering 24/7 customer support via an interactive chat system that polls users about trip details and booking issues before connecting them with a representative for assistance. This enables the company to quickly identify any concerns or issues, responding immediately. They also maintain an FAQs center to assist customers find answers more quickly.

As well as taking a mobile-first approach, the team understands what drives consumer behavior. By using data analysis to detect trends and opportunities, and by capitalizing on technology to meet new traveler demands, their understanding has allowed the company to expand beyond offering travel activity activities into providing hotel stays and food delivery.

Klook invests heavily in research and development to stay ahead of competitors. Their use of machine learning to predict user preferences and identify patterns within data sets has allowed them to provide a more tailored user experience and increase revenue. Furthermore, they have a team dedicated to responding and preventing cyber threats ensuring the company remains secure.

Rapid growth attracted investors including Matrix Partners China, Sequoia Capital China and SoftBank Vision Fund; together they have contributed over $1 billion in funding. With such support in hand, the company plans on continuing its global expansion while offering merchant SaaS solutions and increasing value to users worldwide.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Bernie Xiong

Klook offers an abundance of travel activities and experiences for everyone, ranging from zip-lining to learning how to paint. So it comes as no surprise that they recently raised $200 million in Series E funding, taking total funding up to $720 million. Aspex Management led this round, with other participants including Sequoia Capital China, SoftBank Vision Fund 1, Matrix Partners China and Boyu Capital also participating.

Klook’s worldwide reach and outstanding track record speak for themselves; Klook provides travelers with a safe platform from which they can book tours and services such as flight bookings, accommodation bookings, airport transfers and insurance policies. Furthermore, its customer support offices located across the world will always provide assistance should something arise that needs urgent assistance.

Klook employs an extremely rigorous hiring process in order to assemble an exceptional team. Their LinkedIn search strategy allows them to locate candidates with appropriate skill sets before meeting in person for interviews to assess whether personalities and motivations match up – this strategy has proven highly successful in creating an engaged work force.

Co-founders believe this to be one of the keys to their company’s rapid expansion: having the perfect mix of talent to move it to its next level. Their team includes experienced as well as newcomer members that work well together – especially important when running a startup where founder disputes can often be the primary source of damage.

Klook has not only invested heavily in talent recruitment and development; they have also made major strides to advance technology. Klook partnered with Zendesk – an enterprise-level help desk tool – which enables them to manage thousands of support tickets each month with its comprehensive knowledge base and seamless integration with Facebook Messenger enabling productivity increases by 35% while ticket handling times decrease by 20%.

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Marcus Yong

As Klook expanded into providing activities beyond activities, its team needed tools that allowed them to better understand its customer base. Partnering with Zendesk for its ticketing system allowed agents easily view data and share it across teams; helping Klook identify customer needs as well as shifts that may impact sales.

With such an understanding of customer behavior comes countless opportunities for growth. Klook has expanded into flight booking, accommodation, airport transfers and insurance to provide travelers with comprehensive travel services. They’ve even explored restaurant and event ticketing as well as tapping into local markets where travelers are interested in spending their time.

Klook not only offers high-quality content like online travel guides and photo galleries, but they also partner with influencers to generate awareness and drive traffic – strategies which have proven particularly successful at reaching millennial travellers. Klook has established itself as a trustworthy brand across Asia – this strategy alone being enough to earn them their trustworthiness reputation.

Klook builds trust with customers through offering transparent pricing and product information on its website, such as package breakdowns, terms, and cancellation policies. This enables consumers to make more informed booking decisions, minimizing risk for unexpected costs or delays.

Klook takes customer feedback seriously, offering over 5 million verified reviews that allow customers to easily compare products and services based on real-world experiences. Customers can even filter by “best reviews” to quickly locate top-rated activities instantly.

Trust and reliability have earned the company recognition from major media outlets such as TechCrunch, Forbes and Skift, while it has also received investment from renowned corporations such as SoftBank – further strengthening its status as a reliable booking platform.

Klook has experienced explosive growth over the past years. By tapping into emerging market demand for budget travel and an increasing desire for experience-based tourism, it has captured immense market share and raised over $720 million from investors such as Aspex Management, Matrix Partners China and Sequoia Capital China; ultimately valuing itself at more than $1 billion.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Eric Gnock Fah

Eric Gnock Fah is an avid traveler with a multilingual upbringing who brings these characteristics to Klook’s co-founding and Chief Operating Officer positions. This experience has allowed Klook to better meet the needs of free independent travelers while tapping into local trends.

Eric believes that transparency is the cornerstone of building customer trust and offering an effortless booking experience for his customers. Klook does just this by providing customers with full details on product pages as well as upfront pricing – this allows for informed decisions without surprises! Klook also offers transparent cancellation policies which increase customer confidence and peace of mind.

Klook takes customer feedback very seriously, with over 5 million verified reviews already to its name. This helps Klook establish itself as a credible source of information, making it easier for users to identify top-rated activities. In addition, users can filter products based on reviews in order to find experiences tailored specifically to them.

Klook has made great strides since the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure user safety and protect their experience. They implemented a Contact Tracing System using QR code scanning, mobile number verification and entry timestamps to track each user’s experience; additionally they formed stronger partnerships with tourism boards to expand offerings domestically while expanding demand.

Klook stands as an advocate for responsible travel, contributing to the social and economic welfare of communities where it operates. Klook has even partnered with elephant ride operators in Thailand to transform their facilities into animal sanctuaries – something which has helped attract millennials as customers who make up its majority customer base.

2023 saw the company build on its early successes by expanding with new offerings like restaurant booking and event ticketing, increasing presence globally through 13 offices, and now branching out into Europe and North America with merchant SaaS solutions that allow local businesses to digitize operations while amassing a strong partner base of over 2,500 partners.