Who is the Cheapest Energy Supplier at the Moment?

Note that energy prices depend heavily on tariffs and cashback offers, so the best energy supplier for you depends heavily on the specific usage needs and circumstances of your household.

Utilize an Ofgem-accredited price comparison website to easily identify the cheapest energy provider for your home and evaluate their unit rates and standing charges in detail.


Flogas is one of Ireland’s leading energy suppliers and offers both gas and electricity services to customers. Their fixed-term tariffs include both credit and debit options as well as some with cashback offers, with several featuring credit meter meters or direct debit payments; additionally prepayment plans may also be beneficial depending on usage – the best solution being using an online comparison tool to find your ideal tariff plan!

At present, Flogas is Ireland’s cheapest energy supplier for households with heavy electricity usage, charging an estimated EUR1801 annually after any discounts or cashback has been applied to your account. Electric Ireland comes second and charges around EUR1912 annually for service.

For small households, Flogas remains the ideal provider, charging only EUR1363 annually compared to any of Ireland’s major energy providers such as BEenergy or SSE Airtricity which offer more expensive deals for these households.

Notably, Flogas is the only Irish supplier offering 100% green gas to both new and existing customers. They do this by purchasing carbon offset credits to offset emissions caused by customers’ gas usage.

Although Flogas is best-known for its gas supply services, they’re also one of Ireland and Britain’s premier providers of renewable electricity and natural gas supplies. Most recently, they expanded into domestic market with their acquisition of Just Energy customers back in November of last year.

Flogas provides natural gas and heating solutions for businesses and self-builders in addition to residential properties. Their team of professional engineers and designers can assist with designing and installing new gas systems; additionally they offer heating solutions such as traditional open fires to biomass boilers – even helping plan an extension on your property in order to ensure its safe and efficient design and construction.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is one of the UK’s greenest energy suppliers, offering 100% renewable electricity and carbon-offset gas on certain tariffs. Their excellent customer service has earned them high reviews from independent review site Trustpilot (4.8 out of 5 rating). They also offer innovative tariffs designed to save you money while helping lower energy consumption.

Electric plans from this provider feature fixed base rates without hidden extras such as usage credits or minimum usage charges, as well as tracker tariffs based on daily wholesale energy prices and Agile Octopus plans that feature half-hourly rates to further lower bills. Furthermore, there’s even an optional solar buyback program available to homes equipped with two-way meters that allows residents to sell any surplus renewable energy back to the grid.

Octopus Energy also offsets all natural gas emissions generated both at its source and during your home use by partnering with projects such as reforestation and conservation initiatives in the Amazon rainforest, and bringing renewable energy technologies into fuel-poor communities. You can find out if Octopus Energy is right for you by running an online energy comparison.

Customers of Octopus Energy appreciate its bills being clear and easy to understand, while savings are always rewarded with bonuses. Plus, its customer service team is available seven days a week if any questions arise; Octopus Energy even encourages its customers to submit self-service options first before calling as they typically respond within one or two business days by email – much quicker than industry norms! Plus they provide flexible contracts so if something doesn’t meet your expectations easily alter it!

SSE Airtricity

SSE’s business energy supply arm offers fixed tariffs at competitive rates for businesses of varying sizes and types, as well as online account management tools to assist small business owners manage their energy.

SSE Airtricity’s most popular business tariff, SSE Protect, provides a fixed price for electricity and gas with all charges included (such as transmission and distribution costs) at 100% renewable status. In addition, this plan offers 100% of their transmission and distribution costs back as credits towards green energy generation. To meet larger businesses needs more flexible options such as Shaping or Cash Out plans are also available that enable purchasing wholesale baseload power on monthly, quarterly, or seasonal increments as well as accessing real-time market prices via Foresight real-time market price access via Foresight Real Time Market Prices platform.

If you choose one of SSE’s business energy plans, signing up for a Smart Meter – installed free of charge to your business – will be necessary. A Smart Meter allows your company to easily monitor energy use and cut costs; it’s also an efficient way of tracking energy use when away for an extended period. As SSE will still deduct standing charges when not using energy; try leaving enough credit on the meter when leaving for holidays to avoid penalties!

SSE also provides Pay As You Go solutions for small businesses, which work with either a prepayment meter or credit meter. Please be aware that Pay As You Go electricity rates tend to be more costly than standard rate electricity; furthermore, SSE does not offer refunds for any unused credit on your meter.

SSE Airtricity customers appear dissatisfied with their customer service experience, according to a recent survey. Only 26% indicated being very or fairly pleased with this company, far lower than Octopus Energy who were awarded this category with 69% satisfaction rate from their customer.

SSE Airtricity, part of Big Six energy provider SSE and operated by 26 wind farms generating 580MW, provides gas and electricity services to business and residential customers throughout Northern Ireland. SSE is the largest supplier of renewable energy within the all-island Single Electricity Market.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s leading suppliers, offering gas and electricity tariffs suitable for both standard and prepayment meters. EDF also strives to produce environmentally-friendly energy through their network of low carbon power stations generating low-carbon electricity generation. As one of the best business energy suppliers available today, they may even save customers money compared to switching providers altogether.

EDF provides energy tariffs and services for businesses of all sizes. Their website makes it simple to select the ideal tariff with comparison tools that help make an informed choice, while they also offer free apps customers can use to manage their account anywhere while paying through credit or direct debit payments.

Customer service ratings at this company stand at three stars and there have been complaints regarding its handling of complaints and IT system issues in the past. Recently, however, they have made strides toward improving their reputation by working hard and even initiating a campaign designed to boost these customer service scores.

Note that the EDF Energy app may not be widely available and some issues with Android devices. Still, many customers have found it an effective tool for managing their accounts – customers can use it to track usage, submit meter readings and pay their bills using this application.

EDF business energy tariffs differ slightly from the ones for domestic customers. Businesses don’t benefit from a 14-day cooling off period like residential customers do and may be tied into longer contracts than domestic ones. EDF offers fixed rate tariffs which are usually more cost-effective.

Utility Saving Expert makes comparing EDF business energy prices against those from leading suppliers easy, providing an easy-to-use list of current tariffs in your area for both gas and electricity options, along with an average price per kWh so that you can easily identify deals that fit best with you.