Which Rollers Are Best For Painting?

No matter whether it’s for an entire room, or simply the trim around windows and doors, a paint roller will help make the process quicker and smoother than ever. They offer speedy application of color with precise control and ensure an impeccable result every time.

When selecting a roller, its type and size (nap) of cover are extremely important. A longer nap allows more paint to absorb into its crevices while shorter nap models work best on smooth surfaces.

Woven Synthetic

A woven synthetic paint roller is an ideal tool for painting smooth surfaces as well as rough or textured ones, being easy to use with latex, acrylic and oil-based paints. Additionally, its microfibers absorb and store large amounts of paint for more work before needing to reload it again – however it’s essential that a high-quality roller cover be used in order to keep debris at bay before the paint sets up on it!

When working with synthetic paints, there is an array of roller covers from which you can choose when applying latex-based coatings. Cover material and size will impact how they perform – for instance nylon or polyester covers work particularly well against matting due to being durable enough for long-term use without needing replacement anytime soon.

Lambswool and mohair roller covers, typically more costly, are the ideal choice for oil-based paints due to their superior results and resistance against matting.

Before choosing a woven roller cover, take into account both your surface and type of paint you will be applying it on. Knit fabrics work better with flat, eggshell, or satin paints while wool options work better with gloss or semi-gloss paints. Woven fabrics also tend not to shed as much lint than other roller covers do.

Thickness of woven fibers is another consideration. A thinner nap, such as 1/4-inch, works best on smooth surfaces while thicker ones – like 3/4 inch – work better with rough or textured walls for finer coverage and to create more polished results.


Sheepswool paint rollers offer superior levels of absorption. Compared to foam or synthetic roller sleeves, sheepswool can absorb more paint, enabling decorators and painters to cover more surface area in less time – perfect for projects involving large rooms or ceilings – while creating a smoother finish overall.

Sheepskin rollers are great tools for creating texturized surfaces in interior painting projects. Texturing has become an increasingly popular decorative trend, adding depth and vibrancy to walls while making them appear livelier than plain walls. Their long pile allows them to produce different levels of texture ranging from medium to rough textures with ease.

Lambswool rollers offer numerous advantages, one being their lack of lint that eliminates unsightly brush marks on painted surfaces and can help to reduce how much paint is consumed – providing cost-efficient options for larger projects.

Lambswool rollers offer another benefit by being versatile enough to use with different paints, including water-based polyurethanes. Lambswool stands out as a superior solvent-resistant material, making it suitable for polyurethane paint which requires more of an oil-based solvent product than other forms. Lambswool rollers provide a superior finish compared to other rollers, which may leave hairs or other debris embedded into the finished surface. Furthermore, these versatile tools can be used with latex- and oil-based paint as well as varnish and wood stain; additionally emulsions and low VOC paints can even be used – making Lambswool an excellent choice for woodworking projects and interior decoration projects alike. In fact, a power drill can speed up application as well!


Foam rollers make painting large areas quickly and efficiently, helping you achieve an even, smooth finish with little fuss. Plus, they’re great for touch-ups or small paint jobs! But keep in mind they may not absorb oil-based paints fully and result in patchy results.

Foam rollers are great for applying water-based or latex paints, including primer on bare walls. Their absorbency helps evenly redistribute thin liquids as well as ensure even coverage of thin liquids such as paint thinner. When painting with oil-based paints however, phenolic core rollers will help ensure that foam does not adhere to paint and cause splatter.

Foam rollers made of durable and heavy-duty materials come equipped with hooks on their handles for convenient drying, as well as high-density foam that can handle thicker paint without losing shape. Size options vary between 4-in and 12-inch models and patterns include floral, stripe and dot designs.

This set includes a tray, two 9-inch roller frames, two 9-inch foam paint roller covers with 1/2-inch nap lengths and an angled paintbrush. These thick covers boast high density foam designs for smooth application while being resistant to shedding for reduced linting in finished coatings.

These rollers are also very affordable, making them an excellent choice for beginners or those on a tight budget. Their high-density foam is great for use on textured surfaces while their sturdy frame makes for comfortable use and maneuverability. Furthermore, their foam stands up well to heat so you can use them over an extended period without worry about faded surfaces or discoloration.

Rota Premier Concave

There are countless foam rollers on the market and most do an effective job of rolling, but one stand-out roller is the Rota Premier Concave which stands out due to its concave end that avoids tram marks. By rolling into corners without leaving those annoying lines behind.

Its construction from ultra-fine foam provides you with a truly smooth surface for even coverage, making this brush ideal for gloss, primer and varnish coatings as well as all other oil or solvent based paints.

Best of all, they come in various sizes so you can select one to match the area being painted. Perfect for decorators and handymen alike as it doesn’t require being hammered in like other roller cages!

This mini frame and 20 superfine foam roller sleeves will get you rolling right away! Additionally, refill sleeves may be purchased separately to customize your experience even further.

Pioneer Velvet Polyflock

If you need an ideal roller for water based glosses, the Pioneer Velvet Polyflock roller is sure to deliver. Boasting dense foam interior and velvet poly flock finish, these unique rollers can pick up and disperse large amounts of product to give smooth finishes every time.

These paint rollers are lint-free, which makes them great for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Plus, they work with both water- and oil-based paints – perfect for all sorts of applications! Available online.