Which is the Strongest Animal in the World?

If you’ve ever watched a wild animal on TV or in the movies, you may have wondered what makes them so strong. The answer to this question varies, but a number of animals have incredible strength that makes them formidable predators and helps them live in the wild.

Dung Beetles

The dung beetle (Anoplophora cylindra) is a large insect that lives in the Amazon rainforest and is one of the strongest insects on Earth. With its powerful hind legs, it can pull objects that are a thousand times heavier than its body weight.

Rhinoceros Beetles

The rhinoceros beetle (Anoplophora pardus) is a large beetle found in the African savanna and is the second strongest animal on Earth. With its two horns that look like rhino horns, this beetle is one of the most intimidating creatures on the planet.


Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) are the largest and strongest of all North American mammals. They are able to kill large prey with one strike of their paws and their bite is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom.


Oxen are domesticated and castrated male cattle that have been used for a long time as a draft animal. They are very strong and can be used to pull carts, plow fields, or haul wagons.

They are docile animals, but can be incredibly destructive and even deadly when they get aggressive. Their jaws can generate a bite force of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch.


Blue whales are considered the strongest animals on Earth. Their immense muscle strength allows them to swim at speeds of up to 45 km/h, which is faster than most people can walk.

Fin whales are also incredibly powerful. They can propel themselves through the water at 35 km/h and are able to lift heavy items, including boats.

Harpy eagles are among the strongest birds of prey on Earth. These giant raptors can reach a wingspan of 1.8 meters and are known to kill prey up to 6.8kg.

Great white sharks

In addition to being one of the biggest fish in the world, great white sharks are also some of the most vicious animals in the ocean. Their scaly, muscular bodies are built to thrash prey and kill them.


Tigers are one of the largest and most feared carnivores on the planet, but they have an impressive array of other hunting abilities as well. They can swim and leap, but it’s their jaws that are the most dangerous.


The largest apes on the planet, gorillas can eat an impressive amount of food and are incredibly strong. Their arms are able to lift up to 2,000 kg, and their strong lifestyle of climbing and knuckle walking helps strengthen them.

Other animals that can be very strong include the wolf, grizzly bear and crocodile. All of these species have a bite force that is incredibly strong, making them some of the most dangerous animals on Earth.