Which is the Most Expensive Dog in the World?

Pet dog enthusiasts are blessed with some truly coveted canines. From Kylie Jenner’s reported $50,000 bulldog puppy to Menswear Dog’s Shiba Inu, prices for these sought-after canines can reach incredible heights.

Which dog is the priciest in the world?

Although spending money on a pup may seem excessive, don’t underestimate their love and loyalty in your life. Dogs are fiercely loyal and can be relied upon to watch over your family at all times; proving they’re more than just pets; they truly become true companions.

Of all the wonderful breeds to choose from, one stands out as being among the most expensive: The Tibetan Mastiff! A purebred Tibetan mastiff can weigh up to 160 pounds, making them one of the largest dogs in existence and considered a status symbol in China – thus making them one of the most expensive canines available.

These enormous dogs hail from China and Nepal, where they were bred for hunting and protection purposes. Despite their intimidating size, these majestic canines possess an immense loyalty towards their owners.

Unfortunately, they’re also at an increased risk for serious medical conditions like orthopaedic cancer and hip dysplasia, leading to increased vet bills throughout their lifetime.

Tibetan mastiffs require frequent grooming, which can add up to a substantial expense. On average, visits to the groomer cost $50 or more – making owning one an expensive proposition.

The Alaskan Malamute is the second most expensive dog in the world, costing $1,000 when purchased as a pet. These curious, energetic canines typically live 13-16 years and require regular grooming due to their heavy coat which adds extra costs.

Saint Bernards make the list of most expensive dog breeds due to their intelligence and long lifespan. While the initial cost of a Saint Bernard puppy may be relatively low, healthcare costs can become quite costly due to various health issues that affect them over time.

Another costly breed is the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, which boasts a thick furry coat that was once used for hunting in cold climates. Nowadays, people use these canines as guard dogs and watchdogs due to their muscular physiques which make them ideal working dogs.

These dogs are renowned for their loyalty, sensitivity to humans and agility course skills. They possess a loving nature that makes them great family pets; plus, they’re easy to train and socialize with other canines.

Are you searching for a large dog that loves children and is highly intelligent, the Bernese Mountain Dog might be just what you’re after. This breed is popular both as a show dog and as an everyday family pet; prices for adult puppies range from $1,500 to $3,000.

Pharaoh Hounds can be expensive, but they tend to live long and healthy lives. However, it’s important to remember that these large dogs tend to develop medical issues more easily than smaller breeds; on average, Pharaoh Hounds require approximately $1,500 in veterinary expenses over their lifespan.