Which iPad Models Are Compatible With the Smart Keyboard Folio?

Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio provides a comfortable typing experience and elegant front and back protection for iPad Pro 11. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight!

However, its trackpad isn’t as efficient and more expensive compared to what Mac offers; you may still get similar effects with an external keyboard and mouse setup.


The Apple Smart Keyboard is an excellent option if you’re searching for a full-featured keyboard with great typing feel. Surprisingly thin and lightweight, this sleek device folds up like a folio when stacked; additionally, its durable surface resists spills and stains for easy care-free usage. A great choice for anyone who prioritizes accuracy and stability as they use their iPad!

It has all of the keys found on a laptop keyboard, with each key placed correctly – something many budget iPad keyboards get wrong. There’s also a row of special-function keys at the top that makes accessing features such as screen lock and brightness control easier. Plus, Bluetooth pairing makes for effortless setup; automatically reconnecting as soon as you open its case!

Zagg Pro Keyboard, designed to fit both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, provides another excellent option. Featuring full-size layout with backlit keys and an inner case that lets you adjust viewing angle settings, this keyboard offers great typing experience on a solid build while being compatible with multiple iOS devices – providing versatile work and play opportunities!

This keyboard’s only drawback is its lack of a trackpad; however, other options exist for those who do not require this feature. Logitech Slim Folio Pro for 11-inch and 12.9-inch models is an excellent alternative with better battery life and two viewing angles than Apple Smart Keyboards.

Apple’s 2021 iPad Pro is compatible with its original Magic Keyboard, making this great news if you already have one and would like to continue using it. Although it features a different trackpad design than previous tablets, the new model still works flawlessly with it.

There are a few third-party options available, but they tend to be cheaper and provide less functionality than Apple’s Magic Keyboard. One notable exception is Brydge Keyboard which comes in both slim and thick models and boasts a trackpad reminiscent of MacBook’s. Keys are backlit for easier typing; all integrate well with iPadOS; however the only drawback may be its noisy clicky keyboard which may distract others nearby when typing.


The Smart Keyboard offers an exceptional typing experience and lightweight protection for your iPad, connecting magnetically without switches or plugs to worry about. Plus, no batteries or power cord are needed making this an ideal travel companion!

The Smart Keyboard is available for the 12.9” iPad Pro and 11” iPad Air models, and features a slim design to easily tuck away in your bag or between pages of a book. Constructed of durable polyurethane with soft microfibre lining to protect the screen of an iPad; equipped with Smart Connector technology and special conductive fabric materials to enable seamless communication between iPad and keyboard;

Simply attach and start typing with the Smart Keyboard! It is also simple to fold away when not needed and protects both the front and back of your iPad from damage.

The Magic Keyboard was specifically created for iPad Pro and Air, offering comfortable typing experience, trackpad functionality that expands iPadOS functionality, USB-C pass-through charging capability and its unique cantilevered hinge allowing two viewing angles allowing you to find your ideal position quickly and effortlessly.

Apple introduced its 10th-generation entry-level iPad that is compatible with various Apple accessories, such as its first-generation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard Folio. Equipped with an A14 Bionic chip and powered by iOS 12, this new entry-level model runs iOS 12. Additionally, an updated Smart Keyboard was also made available that now supports all iPad Pro models.

There are various iPad keyboard-compatible solutions, but choosing the ideal one depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you intend to use your iPad for writing or editing documents, having a keyboard is essential – make sure that it provides an enjoyable typing experience, large trackpad, durable cover and if applicable features built-in stands to allow typing landscape mode typing as well. Also check whether keys fit comfortably on both hands by looking at their layout/size/layout.


The Apple Smart Keyboard, compatible only with Pro versions of iPad, is a full-sized keyboard designed to protect and store your tablet device. Utilizing its Smart Connector technology first introduced with 2015 iPad Pro models, the keyboard instantly connects without bluetooth pairing or batteries needed – just flip open its cover to begin typing! When finished it automatically disconnects for easy storage or transport.

The Smart Keyboard may be bulkier than our top pick, but it’s an ideal option if you require a trackpad for use with your iPad Pro (though not supporting older model’s 5th-Gen 12.9-Inch iPad Pro or 4thGen 11Inch iPad Air). With two viewing angles and back protection available as well as great typing experience this keyboard offers two viewing angles and back protection; plus offers two viewing angles with back protection! It also provides two viewing angles while providing back protection while offering two viewing angles when used lap mode! However, its keyboard feels slightly squishy compared with others trackpad choices we reviewed!

Third-party options provide improved typing experiences, additional protection and lower prices than their OEM equivalents. Our favorite is the Logitech Slim Folio Pro for 11 and 12.9 inch iPad Pros; its lightweight construction folds flat for screen protection when not in use and its magnetic latch and stand are easy to activate for a comfortable typing angle adjustment. Furthermore, there’s even an integral kickstand which lets you view or type landscape mode easily!

Zagg’s Messenger Folio also fits our top choices well, supporting the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with its pop-out stand and offering excellent protection. Though slightly thicker than our top picks, it remains relatively lightweight while offering keys that feel more durable than what Apple provides on their keyboard. Plus it comes equipped with an auto connection system: when tilted into typing position it magnetically attaches itself to one of several strips above the keyboard before disengaging when lifted off – another handy feature when away from typing!


The Smart Keyboard transforms an iPad into a lightweight laptop alternative, ideal for people who type frequently or who create content while on-the-go. Compatible with Apple Pencil and featuring two viewing angles with backlighting for improved typing comfort, this keyboard may seem pricey but is worth investing in if using your iPad professionally or academically.

The latest iPad Pro models are compatible with the newly designed Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Keyboard from Apple, with both models supporting all trackpad features and multi-finger gestures built into each iPad Pro model. While its thinner profile makes it a perfect match, both accessories remain first-party accessories that support multi-finger gestures on trackpad features like Trackpad. Folio costs $199 while Magic is slightly cheaper at $159. Both keyboards will continue working just like before when connected.

Many third-party iPad keyboards don’t include stands or covers for easy viewing; some even require charging the device separately. But one that does stands out: Logitech MX Keys Mini stands out; its compact form factor offers excellent typing performance while protecting the back of iPad while offering slim protection with slim case that doubles up as back protection and slim case that features built-in stand.

Zagg Pro Keys are another great solution, featuring a superior typing experience and removable inner case to protect the iPad when not in use. They also boast an innovative connection system whereby, when typing position is achieved, iPad’s left edge automatically connects with magnetic strip on keyboard – while Bluetooth connectivity enables connection with multiple devices simultaneously.

Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad features a small built-in trackpad and folding design, making it the ideal productivity tablet keyboard at an unbeatably reasonable price. In addition, this folio can accommodate Apple Pencil users for convenient work on the move. Ideal companion for students or businesspeople.

The Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio feature magnetic strips designed to securely keep your iPad in place. As these surfaces may come into contact with cards containing information stored on magnetic strips – such as credit cards or hotel room keys – this may demagnetize them and render them nonfunctional.