Which Grill Brand is Best?

Summer grills are an essential component of outdoor living, yet finding the ideal one can be tricky. From gas to charcoal and Kamodo-style ceramic grills – each can offer different advantages – there are various choices available that could work for your home.

So which brand is the best? Read on and find out!

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Blaze offers quality outdoor kitchen products and upgrades that will meet all of your outdoor cooking needs, as well as innovative flame tamers to prevent fire flare-ups and distribute even heat distribution across your grill. They feature durable construction using 304 stainless steel that stands up against even the harshest environments while their patented flame tamers help ensure even heat distribution across their grill.

The company’s founders hold to a simple philosophy: only those who actually use grills should design them. So they designed every component on a Blaze grill from its inception with this in mind and tested to make sure everything worked optimally – for instance, their grates are designed against rusting while providing optimal heat distribution reducing hot spots.

This company boasts an expansive network of stores and distributors. Their products can be found at most major retailers. Furthermore, they provide covers and cooking tools as additional accessories. Orders over $50 qualify for free delivery while their customer service team are eager to assist in finding you a grill suitable for your home.


Weber grills have long been recognized for their reliability, and are popular choices among consumers. Weber is committed to innovation and continues to introduce products that revolutionize how people grill worldwide – such as app-connected thermometers and systems for easy gas ignition of charcoals. Although Weber is proud of its Illinois roots and maintains an active local presence, some production may now occur overseas if that is what concerns you; check your manufacturer’s website for language such as “Made in USA with globally sourced components”.

Webers grills may cost more than other models, but their investment pays off. Constructed using durable materials and quality components that stand up against weather elements, Webers come equipped with an array of accessories suited for advanced cooks while still being easy to maintain and clean.

Weber offers products for any need or budget. Their Spirit series of grills are the most cost-effective options, while the Genesis line boasts more features and is intended for more serious grill enthusiasts. If you want the highest-quality gas grill experience available today then consider Genesis E-325 or EPX models which have earned top marks from CNET reviews as well as endorsement from celebrities like Ina Garten.

Those who prefer grilling with charcoal might like the Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill as an easier and more accessible way to manage their fire, including its built-in ash catcher and removable cooking grates that allow you to use different forms of cookware such as woks and pizza stones.

Weber and Napoleon both offer extended warranties, with Weber outperforming Nexgrill by virtue of its superior craftsmanship and customer service. Furthermore, you can rely on them to address your inquiries swiftly and comprehensively.


Summerset provides high-quality stainless steel grills to make outdoor kitchens complete. Their extensive inventory covers everything you’d need – from grills to fire pits and island bases – for creating the ultimate backyard cooking experience, such as those featured on HGTV’s Property Brothers series and their free 3D design tool which helps bring ideas into reality quickly and easily.

The Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 Built-In Gas Grill is an effective and sturdy grill that uses natural or liquid propane. Featuring powerful burners and an expansive cooking surface, its user-friendly setup process and patented briquette system provide even heat distribution – as well as convenient lock-in briquette tray storage for easier cleanup.

Summerset grills are made of high-grade #304 and #443 stainless steel and offer five professional lines with various features and options. Their grills are also designed to be visually appealing; Sizzler and TRL models feature classic elegance while Alturi offers luxuriousness.

Both Blaze and Summerset offer high-quality grills, yet their approaches to handling flare ups and uneven heating vary considerably. Blaze relies on flame stabilizing grids – basically stainless-steel flame tamers – to control flare-ups and evenly spread heat across its cooking surface; on the other hand, Summerset employs briquette trays which disseminate heat more evenly than flame tamers do.

Though both brands provide great products, it’s essential that you find one that best meets your needs. A great way to do this is to compare features between each grill on websites like BBQ Guys that feature honest feedback. But keep in mind that BBQ Guys is owned by Blaze Grills so some reviews may be biased; nonetheless both brands remain highly recommended by many customers.


Coleman brand products are leaders in outdoor recreation products, from tents and grills to camping gear and apparel. All their products are built for individual comfort while remaining long-term solutions; sizes and colors can be selected to meet individual requirements; an account can even be created online to track orders as well as receive updates about promotions or discounts (up to 15% savings when signing up!). Customers can make use of emails and text message from Coleman in order to stay in the know!

Sheldon Coleman founded his company in 1902 and since has seen its business blossom into multiple divisions. These include traditional gas and oil heaters as well as air pumps, camping stoves, lanterns, ice chests, sleeping bags drinkware and generators – and generators of course! Coleman has been around for nearly three-quarters of a century with their loyal consumers worldwide vindicating them for their products and service excellence.

Coleman Products saw demand decline drastically during the Great Depression as economic turmoil caused military contracts to be cancelled and civilian product lines to suffer; nonetheless, Coleman managed to weather this financial storm and rebound by 1950.

By 1996, the company was losing money. Losses were further compounded by the collapse of the stock market and recession which caused companies to experience lower-than-expected profits. Furthermore, executive management was unable to oversee its business’s rapid growth, leading to market share erosion for most companies in their industry.

Coleman products have long been recognized for producing quality goods at reasonable prices, with Leave No Trace as their partner to reduce environmental impacts. Light and portable designs make Coleman products easy to transport between locations; unfortunately they do not offer free shipping or accept returns after 10-15 days; in order to return an item you must contact customer service and request a label from them.