Where Should I Put My Dogs Bed?

If you are unsure where to put your dogs bed you can start by thinking about the areas of your home that you and your dog spend the most time in. You may find that your dog likes to rest in the same room as you so placing the bed in a place close by is a good idea – you’ll be able to keep an eye on them and it will also help encourage them to use it.

You can also take into account any habits that your dog has when it comes to sleeping – for example, do they like to sleep in one particular spot during the day or is there a spot outside that they tend to go to? You can then use this information to choose a bed that is the right fit for them.

Some people find it useful to have more than one dog bed in their home, depending on how many dogs they have and where they prefer to sleep. This is particularly helpful if you have more than one breed of dog, or if your dogs are not the same size. This will help to avoid any jealousy or fighting over the same areas of the house and also allows each dog to have a place that is specifically their own and can be used when they are feeling more comfortable.

It is a great idea to train your dog to go straight to their bed when they are feeling more settled and to use it when they want to relax. This will help them to feel more confident in the fact that this is a space that they can go to that is exclusively their own and that nobody else is allowed in. You can use positive reinforcement to encourage this by putting treats on or near their bed and rewarding them when they are there. You can also consider teaching them a simple trick that involves sitting on the bed so they associate it with something good!

If your dog is not taking to their new bed very well, it may be because it does not yet smell like them. You can try to help them by rubbing their favorite blanket or toy on it, which will allow them to begin to get used to the scent and feel at home in it. You can also consider spraying the bed with a deodorizer or putting some of your dogs favorite food on it, as this will make the scent more familiar and encourage them to use it. Eventually they will come to love their bed and will be happy to sleep in it all the time!