Where is the Publish Button on WordPress?

The publish button is a key feature for any WordPress site, whether it’s a blog, eCommerce website or content management system. It’s where you’ll publish your posts or pages to the public, and also where you can set a date for future publication of the content.

Floating Post Button

This plugin adds a floating Publish Button to your WordPress page or post editor, allowing you to quickly change a post’s status without having to scroll up and down the screen. This is especially useful for editors who tend to use the page and post editing interface more than regular administrators, as it will save them a lot of time and effort.

Publish Immediately By default, a Page or Post is published immediately after it’s added to your website. To change this, click the Edit link just to the right of Publish immediately within the Publish panel, and select the date and time that you’d like your Page or Post to be published.

Post Settings

A Post on your WordPress site can be a Paragraph, Heading, List, Quote, Image, Gallery or Audio. Each of these allows you to format your content with options for size, alignment, style and dimension.

You can even create custom Featured Images, which are used as thumbnails on your blog posts and as a larger image at the top of your post. This is an excellent way to increase the number of views and shares your posts receive on social media, and is a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool.

Adding a Featured Image to a post on your WordPress site is an easy and quick way to improve its appearance and make it more visible on search engines. Easily upload an image file from your computer, or choose one from the Media Library.

WordPress is a flexible and user-friendly CMS that offers many options for upgrading functionality through Plugins and Themes. However, it’s important to get to know your site’s capabilities before you start to add or update content.

If you’re new to blogging or WordPress, it can be a little confusing at first. But with a few simple steps, you’ll be publishing your first posts in no time!

Before you begin, decide what type of content you want to publish. Typically, WordPress is divided into two formats: a ‘Page’ for time-relevant and ‘Post’ for more ‘timeless’ content that is not necessarily related to the site’s theme or ‘look and feel’.

You can also set up your website to display a ‘Coming Soon’ page when you’re working on it and will eventually be ready for publication. The ‘Coming Soon’ page will contain a link to launch the website when it’s ready.

Depending on your site’s design and SEO priorities, there may be other steps you need to take before you can publish your first WordPress blog post. Some of these steps include preparing the post’s contents, writing its Alt Text for images and other elements, and checking your site’s SEO checklist before you publish your posts.