Where is Settings on the Netflix Mobile App?

Netflix recently updated their mobile app to enable users to make video quality and settings adjustments directly through the app itself, including audio/subtitle languages selection and auto play next episode toggles.

Other key features include the option to lock profiles with PIN codes – an invaluable feature for those sharing accounts with former flames or roommates.

Playback Settings

Netflix content can be watched with any quality setting you like on mobile devices with limited cellular data plans, making the streaming experience more tailored to your budget and usage habits. Higher-resolution videos consume more data, which may drain battery power quickly if they exceed your budget and usage needs. To optimize Netflix viewing on limited data plans, adjust settings according to budget and usage habits.

Android and iOS users can adjust their video playback setting in Netflix by tapping either the profile icon or More button, selecting Wi-Fi Only, Save Data or Max Quality options – with Wi-Fi Only using less data but potentially not being as crisp and clear; Saving Data uses less but gets you closer to ideal picture quality; while Max Quality uses even more but provides the highest picture quality possible.

Choose either Save Data or Max Quality options on Netflix to download lower-quality versions of shows and movies already in your library, to avoid using up your cellular data plan. While this might be beneficial if your data plan is limited, many may find this choice unsatisfactory as HD or 4K video can still be streamed, though its consumption could consume up to 3GB per hour on mobile devices.

From this page, you can also set your autoplay previews settings. This will prevent episodes from automatically playing across devices; or set Netflix not to show previews at all to reduce time spent binging.

Unfortunately, the Netflix app does not provide access to more advanced settings – such as changing membership plans and passwords – but those must be done using either a computer or mobile web browser on your phone.

Netflix makes life easy if you have multiple profiles on one account; simply transfer all the content between profiles using their website. This makes sharing media with roommates or family easier without losing access to favorite shows and movies, or keeping children away from adult content that might otherwise be accessible without parental controls in place.

Subtitle Appearance

Subtitles can be an essential feature for those with hearing loss and language learners alike; however, some users may find the font too unreadable for their viewing comfort. Netflix makes this easy by providing tools to change both size and color settings on both its app and website – provided your profile has been created correctly.

As you watch a movie or TV show on Netflix, press the bottom circle button of your remote control (menu button) to display the Audio and Subtitles options. Here you will be able to select subtitles, audio options and more – from turning them on or off through Dolby Digital sound settings and Surround sound options to viewing video subtitles that may or may not appear during certain scenes of a video.

The AUDIO & SUBTITLES menu allows you to set the default language of subtitles. This feature is particularly beneficial if you often watch foreign films; just select your preferred language beforehand to set it as the default for all future playbacks.

Netflix allows you to customize the appearance of subtitles and closed captions, including font size, text color and more. While this feature is available across devices, it’s especially beneficial when used on laptop or desktop. Furthermore, some viewers may benefit from selecting dubbed audio option for greater viewing pleasure.

Subtitle preferences were previously only available within the Netflix web app; now however they have been extended to all devices. This is great news for anyone having difficulty reading certain font types or just wanting to make their subtitles more legible.

If your subtitle settings keep reverting back to their defaults after making modifications, this could be caused by one of your browser extensions. Logging into an incognito window might help resolve this problem; otherwise, try signing out of and signing back in again to reset subtitles – this should act as a reset for the system and hopefully resolve your issues.

Cellular Data Usage

Netflix streaming on mobile data plans with limited data allowance can consume large chunks of mobile data at an alarmingly rapid pace, yet there are ways you can adjust Netflix video quality settings to reduce data usage without impacting viewing experience.

According to the company’s own blog post, the average user can expect around three hours of content for every gigabyte consumed. While that might not seem like much, if you’re on a limited data plan or trying to avoid overage fees it can quickly add up.

Netflix makes it easy to save data with their video quality settings on iPhone. First, make sure Wi-Fi connectivity is maximized before opening the Netflix app and selecting your profile, followed by tapping on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) to access “Profiles & Parental Controls” or “App Settings.”

Once here, scroll to the bottom and locate the Cellular Data Usage setting. It provides four options – Automatic, Wi-Fi Only, Save Data and Maximum Data – each offering different streaming video quality levels that use up less data. Selecting Save Data may reduce it to 480p but still look quite decent while using less. Choosing Maximum Data may use even more data but may use up an entire gigabyte within one hour!

Opting for Wi-Fi Only will direct your app to download videos in standard definition, which consumes less data. Or you could go for HD quality which requires more storage but has superior visual quality – it’s best to go for whatever option best meets your needs and ensures you’re not constantly streaming over your cellular connection and exhausting your data allowance.

Changes to these settings will only have an effect on how Netflix streams on your phone while connected to a cellular network, not on movies and shows already downloaded onto your device. Download settings may be changed at any time to Wi-Fi Only or Unlimited Data but won’t take effect until after they have completed downloading.


If you’re traveling or heading somewhere without a reliable Internet connection, Netflix offers offline viewing through their ad-free plans. Up to 100 active downloads may be active at one time (depending on device memory capacity). Downloads can be deleted manually by episode/film or bulk through their Account Settings page.

Streaming video can be a significant drain on mobile data plans, so you should ensure that your plan has enough capacity. To limit how much cellular data you use when streaming Netflix, set “Lower Quality” under Data Usage in App Settings menu to make Netflix only stream in low-quality definition and save tons of cellular data in doing so.

Another excellent feature is the option of turning on subtitles and audio descriptions for shows. This feature is especially beneficial to visually impaired users; subtitles will appear automatically while audio plays, with their position and placement adjustable through Settings menu settings. Furthermore, each profile on your account can have their own individual language of subtitles for optimal experience.

Individuals concerned with privacy can set their Netflix to require a password, protecting both their profile and content from anyone who might access or download their viewing history. Netflix also offers ways for parents to block certain profiles so their children do not accidentally view adult material by opening another user’s profile.

Change the subtitle and audio settings across every device with Netflix installed – including computers, tablets and phones – by editing each profile separately on Netflix. However, please keep in mind that changes may take some time before taking effect.

One hidden feature that many don’t take advantage of is Netflix’s convenient sign out option on each device used. This helps protect against ex-lovers, Airbnb hosts and other unsavory characters taking advantage of your account by taking just a few clicks to do.