When is the Earnings Report For MFV?

You are probably wondering when is the earnings report for MFV? If so, read on to find out more. This closed-end investment company has a focus on investments that generate high current income. It may also consider investing in debt instruments rated below investment grade and foreign securities. MFV was founded on November 17, 1989 and is headquartered in Boston, MA. The fund’s stock price has declined significantly in recent months, but its valuation is still impressive.

Investors can find out when the MFS Special Value Trust’s next earnings report is by visiting its website. You can view past and current information, as well as upcoming events. You can also view the short interest of the company. This measure shows the number of people betting on the stock’s decline. You can also check the short interest ratio to get an idea of when to buy the stock. MFV has an average price per share of $3.17, so the price may be slightly higher or lower than that.