When is the Earnings Report for Invitation Homes (INVH)?

When is the earnings report for INVH? Several factors can influence this report. The company has recently increased its dividend by 30%, which suggests strong growth. In addition, occupancy rates are stable and tenant turnover is low. The company is leveraging these factors to generate double-digit net operating income growth over the past three years. This is a good time to invest in INVH, as the company has been able to keep its rents at historically low levels, providing a runway for future growth.

Investors can use the Earnings Calendar to plan ahead. The Earnings Calendar shows when Invitation Homes is scheduled to report earnings for the current quarter. The earnings report is released approximately 4 days before the company reports its third quarter results. However, if it is not announced by then, investors can check the Earnings Calendar to stay up-to-date on the company’s progress. However, before evaluating this information, it is recommended to read the company’s Earnings Report Guide first.

The company reported that its same-store core operating expenses rose 4.5% YoY, mainly due to higher property taxes, higher R&M costs, and lower turnover-related expenses. The company’s debt is a significant portion of its total assets, but it remains at the upper end of its target range. This means that INVH will continue to be able to service its existing obligations, while the remaining debt is subject to rollover risk. However, the company remains extremely active in the market and its acquisitions were averaged at a cap rate of 5.3%, with a transaction amount of $372K.