When is the Best Month to Buy a Lawn Mower?

If you want a new lawnmower, there are certain times of the year when you’ll find the best offers. Find out when is best to shop and why it makes a difference in terms of cost and satisfaction.

Mower sales typically kick off in the spring as dealers seek to stock their inventories ahead of mowing season.

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Early spring is often the ideal time to purchase a lawn mower, as hardware stores look to stock their inventories before the season starts. Also, most brands release new models this time of year which provides greater choice – perfect if you want one with all of the latest features – but prices tend to rise at this time of year.

Lawn mower sales typically fluctuate widely during the summer season. Sometimes there will be plenty of mowers for sale as homeowners upgrade or purchase replacement models for existing mowers that have broken. On other occasions, however, few may be available as people have been using their existing ones all season and don’t recognize that a replacement might be necessary yet.

As the season winds down and retailers try to make space for holiday merchandise, mowers typically go back on sale again in fall. If you can wait patiently until spring models were discounted further, this could be a great opportunity to shop.

If you can’t wait until fall to purchase your lawnmower, there may still be opportunities throughout the year when you could score a deal on one. Some hardware stores and home centers will offer discounted lawn mowers around Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day or Labor Day to attract shoppers who might otherwise go elsewhere. Unfortunately these sales won’t feature as vast of an inventory than what can be found during autumn sales fliers; you may see one or two models left at least. So it’s essential that you stay current with sales fliers so you know when is best time for you when looking to make purchases based on what information available from both seasons so as you know when will be best time.


Once or twice every year, purchasing a lawnmower may offer savings; however, early spring usually represents the optimal time. Hardware stores usually carry full inventories of new models at full retail pricing so discounts on current mower models might not be easy to come by.

By summertime, supply and pricing ratio of new lawn mowers has become less-than-ideal. But there are some notable sales holidays – Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Father’s Day are three such occasions – during which you may find great bargains on mowers if needed.

Gardeningetc’s reviews often recommend purchasing lawnmowers late summer or autumn if you want the best deals. That way, retailers have more room for fall/winter equipment like snowblowers/chainsaws. Many websites we review suggest purchasing such models during this period for best savings.

Big box stores generally only put lawnmowers on sale when they need to clear space for new fall/winter inventory – typically before cutting season starts, after it ends, on major holidays such as Christmas and Father’s Day, or during October when their summer seasonal areas need clearing out for the new inventory of fall/winter equipment. This could make finding great discounts possible.


An investment in a lawn mower can be an expensive one, so buyers should carefully select the optimal time and date to buy one in order to maximize return on investment. According to shopping experts, certain months offer better deals than others on lawnmowers – spring and fall being especially favored choices, though this decision will ultimately depend on your individual needs and preferences.

If you want the latest model and features in a mower, the optimal time to shop would be spring when new models hit stores. But if you can be patient for longer and wait a bit more until fall hits retailers may score some great bargains as they clear out inventory before winter sets in.

Prices on lawnmowers tend to reach their peak during the summer due to high levels of demand, and many individuals in search of this equipment. But you may still be able to score some great bargains- especially around Memorial Day weekend and later in June.

If price is of paramount importance to you when selecting a lawnmower purchase, autumn is usually the optimal time. As current season models start being discontinued and manufacturers offer seasonal discounts, this may be your ideal opportunity to find an economical lawnmower that will last through another season of mowing grass without upgrading again in a couple years’ time.

Winter can be the worst time to buy a lawnmower as demand decreases significantly and many homeowners opt instead to invest in snow blowers and other winter gear, driving prices down while restricting selection and availability. While this can make finding great deals on older models worthwhile, if your loyalty lies elsewhere it might not be worthwhile making such efforts for something like lawnmowers.


Purchase of a lawnmower is an investment with lasting benefits, so timing your shopping trips wisely is essential to getting maximum value from your money. Spring tends to feature the widest selection of models but prices tend to rise; retailers use this period as an opportunity to lure customers with attractive offers on latest models and features, driving up costs as retailers attempt to attract buyers with these “entice us with attractive features and designs!”.

However, as summer begins and sales around Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day commence, there is typically a good combination of choice and affordability in lawn mowers. Sales around these holidays often feature significant discounts as retailers compete to clear their inventory quickly.

Labor Day marks the official end of summer, making this an excellent time to find bargains in gardening equipment and tools. Demand drops significantly due to lower sales; thus leading to potential savings. But be warned – buying mowers now could mean having to store it until next spring comes along, which may void their warranties!

If you prefer lower priced models over those from recent seasons, autumn can be an excellent time to find them at discounted rates. As retailers look to clear out old stock in order to make room for snowblowers and other winter equipment – often leading to significant discounts!

This is particularly relevant during December when many retailers will be clearing out spring/summer seasonal areas to make room for holiday merchandise. As a result, purchasing a lawn mower during Winter can often be the optimal time, as this gives retailers the incentive to move existing inventory while simultaneously cutting losses – although this might not always be possible and should be carefully considered before making a commitment to purchase.