Whats the Difference Between GS-R and LS?

When comparing the GS-R and LS models of the same car, there are a few important differences. Both have different engines and different exterior features. For example, the LS has a smaller engine, while the GS-R’s has a bigger one. The GS-R also has a leather interior, while the LS has a painted mirrors.

GS-R has leather seats

The 2001 Acura Integra GS-R features leather-trimmed seats and door panels. This sporty compact car earns a 25 mpg city/30 mpg highway rating and comfortably seats four passengers. It also comes with six speakers, including four midrange cones at the front and two tweeters in the door panels. The GS-R also includes keyless entry and push-button start.

LS has painted mirrors

The LS has painted mirrors and door handles, and has black side moldings, bumper moldings, and lip moldings. It is also available with a spoiler. The LS also comes with 14-inch alloy wheels and hubcaps. The GSR has a spoiler as an option, and has the same side moldings as the LS, but does not have the painted mirrors.

GS-R engine is slower than LS engine

If you’re wondering why the GS-R engine is slower than the LS engine, you’re not alone. The GS-R’s higher RPM is an asset for overtaking, but the LS’s gearing is a hindrance to high-speed passing. The LS engine starts to drop off at around 5200 rpm, while the GS-R’s pulls more from 7000 rpm.

While both engines are similar, the GS-R has more features. It is equipped with a B18C1 DOHC VTEC engine that generates 170 horsepower at 8000 rpm. The LS engine is not as powerful, but it is also less expensive and has enough features for an average consumer. Both models are available in special editions.

LS has aftermarket forged pistons

If you are looking for performance from your LS, you will want to check out some aftermarket forged pistons. The LS Combo series from MAHLE Motorsport offers forged pistons for LS style heads. These pistons are available for LS1 through LS7 engines. They come in two styles, Dish and Dome, and are made from 2618 alloy. They are available with a hard anodized top ring groove for added durability.

Aside from being lighter than their cast counterparts, forged pistons also provide high compression ratios, allowing the engine to rev higher and generate more power. For this reason, forged pistons are commonly found in turbocharged and high performance cars. They are also more resistant to abuses such as pressure, detonation, and extreme heat.

The Pro LS pistons are made to accommodate larger valve diameters. They include Cathedral/Rectangle port valve reliefs to maximize piston-to-valve clearance. These pistons are made from 2618 alloy forged aluminum, which has excellent strength and crack resistance. They also feature a material thickness in the crown to improve strength without sacrificing weight. In addition, the corner radii are left large to improve strength in critical areas.

Aftermarket forged pistons can be a great way to add horsepower to your LS engine. There are many types of pistons on the market, but Diamond’s LS Race Series Pistons are the most durable shelf-stock pistons in the market. Their high horsepower capacity and reduced lead time make them an excellent choice for high power applications.

These forged pistons are available in two styles, major and minor thrust. They differ in their skirt designs, and the major thrust side skirts are wider than the minor thrust side skirts. They also have an orientation mark on their domes so you can tell which side the piston is facing.

LS has a moonroof

A moonroof is a glass pane mounted on the roof of a vehicle. It is an excellent way to let in plenty of natural light while allowing passengers to see the world outside without letting in wind noise or smog. There are two basic types of moonroofs: standard and custom. Standard versions have a roof that covers the front seats, while custom designs put the roof over the rear seats.

The LS is available with a sunroof. However, the moonroof does not come standard on the LS. However, there are a few variants with this option. These include the LX, LS350, and LS450. A moonroof is an added bonus in a car that has already been built to last for years.