What Zodiac Signs Are Freaky in Bed?

Ruled by Mars’ fierce intensity, Scorpios are among the most sexual zodiac signs. With a passion for sexual intimacy, these water lovers thrive on intensity and love to tease their partners in bed.

Earth signs tend to prefer lengthy marathon sessions of seduction and foreplay. Their partners like to use all senses, and are open to unusual toys and unconventional fun.


Aquarians are always searching for new ways to express their sexuality. Ruled by Uranus, which encourages them to explore new sensations in bed. Attracted to intelligence, Aquarians love exploring what goes on behind closed doors – this especially holds true with regard to kink: defying social norms makes putting on masks or blindfolds even more intimate for both partners involved.

Ruled by Venus, Taureans are highly passionate and affectionate in romantic relationships. One of the zodiac’s most affectionate signs, physical intimacy is important to them as well. While generally good bed partners, Taureans may sometimes insist on doing things their way and insisting upon going their own way when making decisions.

Scorpios, known as the most passionate sign in the zodiac, are well known for their astounding sexual drive. Scorpios often exhibit sensuality in bed and can quickly go from zero to 100 with little or no foreplay needed. Scorpios also tend to develop deep sexual passions which lead them to take an assertive role within relationships (with consent).

Sagittarius is an extrovert sign who loves sexy thrills. Never shy to try new experiences or positions, they enjoy surprising themselves with new sensations until their bodies have had enough. As one might expect from “bachelors of the zodiac”, Sagittarius makes for great companions when exploring various options or types of sexual encounters until boredom or fatigue sets in.


Although Virgos may engage in sexual playfulness, they tend to be the least dirty-minded of all zodiac signs. Instead of prioritizing acquisition and comfort like Taurus or building legacies like Capricorn do Virgos focus on teaching others how to take care of themselves, much like legendary jazz musician Buddy Bolden did.

They tend to be extremely meticulous when it comes to lovemaking, so their lovemaking tends to be somewhat restrained compared to other signs. What gets their blood racing is intellectually stimulating conversations and being taken care of with clean sheets, traditional courtship rituals and routines that honor their sense of order, according to Watts.

Pisces, under the auspices of Neptune, tend to be dreamy romantics who seek sensual experiences that lift their spirits and move them out of their heads. Being highly sensitive and emotionally fragile themselves, Pisces may find sensual experiences especially fulfilling.

Virgos may not be among the more sensual signs, but they’re playful and open to trying anything once. Being earth signs themselves, Virgos can be sensual in bed as earth sign sexiness flourishes; toys, kink, and fetishism often appeal to them if approached directly – just make sure not to overthink things which may become off-putting when in bed! Virgos tend to overthink things which can sometimes turn off partners.


People born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to have more of a rebellious side compared to other zodiac signs. They like being free and rebelling against rules, restrictions and schedules. Their high libido increases with intellectual stimulation while their flirtatious and sexually charged conversations often make them appear like perverts.

These lively individuals enjoy their sexual encounters with an element of surprise and aren’t shy to try new positions or play around with toys. Ruled by Mercury, these dynamic individuals are always eager for a quickie or full-on sex show!

Leos approach sexual encounters like an entertainment circus; they love making themselves the center of attention! Leos crave connection and can become quite volatile in bed, sometimes going as far as foreplay to set the scene before switching up dynamics with another partner. Their lusty sign makes their sex loud and sweaty just how they like it; many Leos enjoy role playing like BDSM or kink to explore new levels of pleasure and discovery together with partners that share this trait.


Sex for Aries, who are ruled by Mars, is all about passion and following your daring impulses. Aries need a partner who can keep up with their fast metabolism and passion for life while respecting their boundaries; Aries don’t mind asserting dominance either and can often be found ripping between the sheets with someone other than their girlfriend or wife.

Taureans, under the sign of Venus, tend to be less extreme when it comes to sexual intimacy than Aries; yet still prefer physical contact and prefer taking things slow with partners. They crave intimacy and trust while seeking experiences that deepen relationships.

As fire signs, Leos often use sexuality to their advantage and turn sex into an exciting spectacle. Their priority lies with pleasure first and foremost, yet they’re not afraid to try new positions or experiments in bed.


Taureans, ruled by Venus – the planet of love and attraction – make passionate and sensual partners in bed. While they enjoy turning up the heat quickly, they understand that good things take time; foreplay is especially essential to this sign’s romance, so massages, aromatherapy and candles may come in handy during foreplay sessions. Taureans tend to be control freaks in bed who prefer doing things their way rather than yield to pressure from someone else’s wishes.

Taurus loves role playing and gets intimate with their partner often. They don’t shy away from exploring their darker sides and use their powerful sense of touch to create an immersive sexual experience for themselves and their partner. Indulge their lusty appetite today – it won’t last!

Although it can be tempting to opt for the standard vanilla fare in bed, don’t be afraid to switch it up a little bit – even with consenting partners! There’s no right or wrong way of expressing yourself sexually in bed; find what works for you! So go ahead and give BDSM, fetishism or whatever your thing may be a try; it could add another level of fun! For more Bollywood, Telugu news and entertainment updates follow Pinkvilla on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube!


Libras are known to be elegant and polite individuals, yet can also be wild in bed. Libras thrive at playing tease and please with their partners, making them adept sexers. Libras tend to enjoy surprising their partners with new forms of sexual pleasure – they enjoy defying social norms while being drawn towards mystery; plus they enjoy role playing or trying out unconventional positions with them!

Libras are highly romantic signs, inspired by Themis from Greek mythology who presided over justice and law. Representing scales, they strive for equilibrium in life before showing their sensuality with thoughtful gestures before unleashing their seductive side.

But don’t be fooled by their seemingly calm exterior; Libras can reveal an unpredictable side when in the mood to do so. Their indecisiveness and overly appeasing nature may put some people off, but Montufar notes that each sign has both high vibrations and lower ones.

The Twins love having fun and being spontaneous in bed, which means they can handle anything from BDSM to role play with equal ease. Their adept multitasking allows them to pull off moves that would make other signs blush – which makes them one of our list of zodiac signs known for being “freaky in bed.” They may require work but they’re always rewarding!