What You Should Know About Eric Gale’s Net Worth

Whether you’re a fan of Eric Gale’s music or not, you should know a bit about his net worth. He’s a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has played with some of the biggest names in music history. His social media profiles are also a good place to learn about his life and work.

Experience Hendrix

Among the many things you’ll learn about Eric Gales during his UK tour is the fact that he was a fan of Jimi Hendrix. That’s no small feat considering that the guitarist was a guitar hero in his own right.

Gales, a Memphis-born guitarist, has had a career spanning more than three decades. He began playing guitar at age four and was signed to Elektra Records at age 15. He has a long list of studio albums, and has worked with dozens of other musicians, including Carlos Santana. He has also produced music.

Gales has been recognized as a pioneer in electric blues guitar. He has played in several notable collaborations, including Three 6 Mafia and Carlos Santana. He’s been ranked as number four on Gibson’s list of the top ten modern blues guitarists. He was also a part of the 2008 Experience Hendrix Tour. He’s been a prolific force in the blues world since 1991.

The new Eric Gales album, Middle Of The Road, is a well-crafted album that draws its inspiration from the trials and tribulations of the guitarist’s journey. He has had to overcome personal demons and reinvent himself over the years, and this is the resulting record. The 16 tracks play out as 13 songs, plus three instrumental vignettes.

The song “Middle Of The Road” is an impressive feat of musical prowess. Gales plays every note like he means it. His amp is a good one, a real-deal EL34-based amp with a special transformer. The amp is louder and more controlled than its Marshall counterpart, and it’s got a prettiness that a lot of 6L6-based amplifiers can’t muster. It also has a small touch of radio-savvy spice.

The album also boasts the largest bottleneck you’ve ever seen, a sign that Gales is making some serious music. The album was produced at Earthtone Studios in Greensboro, NC. Overdubs were tracked at Ocean Way Nashville.

The most impressive feat is that Gales is so talented that his albums actually make sense. He’s a self-described guitar guru and he’s earned a place among the greatest bluesmen of all time.


Originally hailed as a child prodigy, Eric Gales has recorded 18 albums for renowned record labels. He is a prolific blues-rock guitarist with a flair for songwriting. He has also contributed vocals to Memphis rap groups, including Three 6 Mafia and Prophet Posse.

Eric Gales has been active in the blues music industry for over 30 years. He has collaborated with many musicians, including Joe Bonamassa. He has won a number of awards, including the Blues Music Award for “Blues Rock Artist of the Year” in May of this year. He is a member of the Experience Hendrix touring tribute and has also played in the studio. His latest album, Crown, is set for release on 28 January. It features 13 songs co-written by Gales, as well as production by Joe Bonamassa.

Eric Gales’ music is a mixture of harmonically complex sounds of jazz and classical music. It is also a reflection of the personal experiences of a Black man in the United States. He speaks of struggles with substance abuse, racism, and redemption in his songs.

Gales’ net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. He has been making music for more than 30 years, and he has recorded 18 albums for renowned record labels. His latest album, Crown, was produced by Joe Bonamassa. It features a mix of funky rhythms, unsparing songwriting, and masterful guitar work.

Eric Gales was born on October 29, 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He started learning guitar at the age of four. In 1991, he released his debut album. He later joined the Blues Brothers. His early hit “Sign Of The Storm” reached nine positions on the US Mainstream Rock chart. He released his second album, Left Hand Brand, in 1996.

He later served a jail term for possession of drugs. After a successful stint in rehab, Gales returned to music. He has recorded 18 albums over the past three decades. He has also been featured on several tribute albums. He is a frequent presence on social media, and posts updates about his career.

Social media accounts

Despite his troubled past, it appears that Eric Gales is on his way to success. His new album is slated to be released by Provogue/Mascot Label Group on 28th January. He will embark on a tour of the UK that will see him perform in Brighton, Glasgow and Dover, among others. He will also have a few gigs at the legendary Sweetwater venue in Memphis.

Although Eric Gales isn’t the first guitarist to hit the stage, he’s certainly the best in his class. He’s got 18 albums to his credit, including a number of top notch efforts. He’s been praised by guitarists both famous and not so famous. The blues-rocker even got a nod of approval from legendary guitarist Joe Bonamassa.

The best thing about Eric Gales is his willingness to share his personal story with the world. He’s not afraid of sharing his successes with other rockers, and he’s got a big heart. In fact, he’s even volunteered to assist guitarists in need. He’s done a number of fundraisers for charities like the Boys and Girls Club, the American Cancer Society, and the Salvation Army. Some of his best music friends include Jack White and Keith Richards, and he’s also a proud member of the Blues Hall of Fame.

He’s got an impressive list of accomplishments, including being named the guitarist of the year for the prestigious blues hall of fame. He’s also received accolades from fellow guitarists like Joe Bonamassa and Steve Vai. He’s also earned the respect of fellow musicians, and has toured the globe from Australia to Brazil, Japan to Mexico, and Canada to the UK. Although Gales has been in the limelight for quite some time, he remains true to his musical roots, and he still has a lot to say about the blues. As a testament to his commitment to blues music, he recently joined Joe Bonamassa and Eddie Van Halen on stage at the famed Sweetwater venue in Memphis.


Often called the “second coming of Jimi Hendrix”, Eric Gales has had an impressive career. Starting out as a child prodigy, he has released a series of albums, played at Hendrix tribute shows, and even done session work. His music is a blend of blues, hard rock, and Funk. He is also a singer and songwriter. His latest album, “Crown,” is a look at his own struggles with substance abuse and personal demons. He also shares his thoughts on racism and positive change.

Gales began recording music when he was just a teenager. His first album, The Eric Gales Band, was issued in 1991. He has also collaborated with Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen. He has released 19 albums for major record labels. His latest album, “Crown,” was released in 2018. It is a collection of songs co-written by Eric and his wife, LaDonna Gales. It was recorded at Earthtone Studios in Greensboro, NC and Ocean Way Nashville.

In 2007, Gales released the album Psychedelic Underground. He was also featured on the Experience Hendrix Tour. He has also released two albums for Blues Bureau Records. Gales is known as a guitarist with an overdriven tone. He is also known for his guitar duels with Joe Bonamassa. Their guitar battles have garnered millions of views on YouTube.

In 2009, Gales released Layin’ Down the Blues. He collaborated with Mars Volta drummer Thomas Prridgen and Zakk Wylde. He also released Good for Sumthin’, a compilation of 13 originals. He played at Hendrix tribute shows with Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell.

Eric Gales has a community-built gear list on his website. He uses a Dunlop JH-1 Jimi Hendrix signature wah pedal. His pedal board features a MXR Bass envelope filter. The gear list can also be found on his social media sites.

Eric Gales has released 18 albums over the course of 30 years. He has played at Woodstock and held his own with Carlos Santana. He has received praise from guitarists’ guitarists. His latest album is a personal look at his own struggles with substance abuse and overcoming personal demons.