What You Might See on Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany is a festive time of year. It’s a time when people spend quality time with their loved ones, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and indulge in delicious foods.

There are a few traditions that have become part of the holiday tradition for Germans and they are worth trying when visiting this beautiful country at this time of year!

One of the most popular traditions is decorating a Christmas tree. Often, you will see huge trees showcasing in town centers throughout advent and even into December.

The tree is usually decorated with colored fairy lights, ornaments and tinsel. A manger scene is also hung under the tree to represent the birth of Jesus Christ.

Another important tradition is that of the Christmas angel. Almost everyone in Germany has at least one of these beautiful little angels tinseled around the base of their Christmas tree!

This tradition began in the late Middle Ages. Many families still continue this tradition today.

On Christmas Eve, families gather together to decorate the tree with a variety of colorful decorations. They then gather under the tree to read a Christmas story and sing Christmas carols while drinking hot mulled wine.

Some families have a Kriss Kringle, which is a stuffed toy that symbolizes the Christ child. This is a common way of gift-giving in Germany and can be a great way to get the children involved in Christmas.

If you are traveling to Germany this Christmas, be sure to visit a Weihnachtsmarkt! You will find thousands of them all over the country. These markets are great places to experience the festive spirit and enjoy traditional German foods like gluhwein, bratwurst and lebkuchen!

There are also several smaller and exclusive Christmas markets that are held on weekends at old castles. These are also worth checking out, as they are often much more unique than the main city markets and have high-quality huts.

You might even be able to participate in Krampusnacht at some of these markets, which is a very fun and scary event!

A nutcracker is a very popular souvenir in Germany. This is a Christmas staple, and you will probably find these in a lot of shops around the country.

Marzipan, which is just ground almonds turned into a paste, is a popular German treat that is often made into shapes or included in desserts like Dominosteine.

The sweet smell of this spiced almond mixture is one that will bring back memories of childhood!

What’s more, you can find this at most German Christmas Markets.

Eating a feast on Christmas Day is an important part of the holiday. The traditional feast consists of roast goose or rabbit with a variety of side dishes, including stuffing, sausages and potato dumplings.

You can also try something called Feuerzangenbowle, which is a spicy drink that is similar to mulled wine but with a little more kick. It can be a bit hot, but it’s so delicious!