What to Feed a Pregnant Dog

When your dog is pregnant, she will require different food than she would normally. She will need extra calories to sustain her pregnancy and her growing puppies. You will need to make sure that you feed your dog a healthy and nutritious diet for the entire period of her pregnancy.

What to Feed a Pregnant Dog

You will need to feed your dog a diet that is specially formulated for dogs who are expecting. This will help ensure that your dog is able to give birth to healthy puppies and have a successful delivery.

Your vet will have specific recommendations for your dog, but it is important that you follow these guidelines as closely as possible to ensure that she has the best chance of having a safe and healthy pregnancy. You will also need to be aware of the additional nutrients that your dog needs to have while being pregnant and to make sure that she receives enough of these.

What to Eat During the First Trimester

During the first two trimesters of your dog’s pregnancy, her nutritional requirements are similar to those of a normal adult dog. She should be monitored for weight gain and body condition during this time, and should not be given too much food at once.

When the second trimester arrives, your dog’s appetite will start to increase significantly as her pups develop and grow rapidly. During this stage of her pregnancy, she will need to eat approximately 25% more than she usually does.

What to Eat During the Third Trimester

In the final trimester of your dog’s pregnancy, she will need to eat an extra 25% more than usual. This is because the organs of her growing puppies have fully developed, and she will need to provide them with all of the necessary nutrients.

What to Feed During the Fourth Trimester

In weeks six and seven, your pregnant dog’s weight will begin to rise again. Her feeding should be increased again by about 25% to prepare her for the birth of her puppies.

What to Feed During Weeks Eight and Nine

In weeks eight and nine, the pups will be growing quickly and she will need a lot of energy to support them. During this time, it is critical to ensure that your dog’s diet has the appropriate levels of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

What to Feed During Days When She’s Very Active

On days when your dog is very active, you can give her a larger meal than usual. This will help her to maintain a healthy body weight during her pregnancy, and will help her to stay healthy.

What to Feed During Day’s When She’s Not So Busy

On days that she is not so busy, you can also offer her a smaller meal, or a snack. This will help her to keep up her energy level and to avoid having a weak immune system.

What to Feed During Night’s When She Is Not So Sleepy

If your dog is very tired, she may not want to eat as much as usual. However, this is a very normal part of her pregnancy and it is important that she still eats to stay healthy.