What Size Generator Do I Need?

An emergency generator can provide essential power during a power outage. It will keep your refrigerator running and prevent your food from spoiling, while providing essential electricity for use of air conditioners and other devices.

To determine what size generator you require, add up all of your equipment’s starting wattages (this information can be found on its nameplate or through a wattage estimation guide).


Generac generators are trusted, reliable products that meet a range of different needs. Their home backup systems are specifically designed to power all electronics within your house during an unexpected power outage and come in various sizes to suit any budget and requirement; one model, Generac 6242 provides more starting and running watts than any other available model on the market.

Company also manufactures lightweight and compact portable generators designed for use on job sites or camping trips, making them easy to transport. Their generators run on gasoline or liquid propane; some even feature battery backup capabilities for added flexibility.

Contractors looking for power solutions needing multiple appliances and tools at once should look towards generators capable of supporting multiple appliances simultaneously. To determine the size generator you require, calculate your total power consumption by adding up each tool’s starting watts; in other words, contractors could add the starting wattage requirements of their tool box and circular saw to arrive at an estimate for their total power needs.

Generators from this company are specially engineered to protect sensitive electronics with less than 5% total harmonic distortion, and come backed with warranties and remote controls for ease of use.


Honda is known for engineering some of the finest engines, which they extend into their generators as well. Their OHV engine technology has set them apart as leaders among gas powered generators, producing high quality power while producing less noise and emissions than other brands.

Honda introduced their EU series generators in 1998 with high-speed multi-pole alternators to produce high-quality electricity in a compact and lightweight package. Their microprocessor allows finely tuning to specific power requirements; providing stable frequency output with minimal distortion sine wave alternating current, easy operation and flexible frequency modulation capabilities.

A portable Honda generator can power a range of devices, from refrigerators and small appliances to refrigerators themselves. To determine what size generator you require, add up all the wattages of each device you plan to run simultaneously; find this information from their data tags or owner manual.

If your camping or tailgating plans involve smaller generators, the Honda EU22i inverter generator is an ideal option with its one-pull starting system and whisper-quiet operation; additionally it boasts a 4-litre fuel tank and Eco-Throttle system for ultimate control over output levels.


The Yamaha generator is an excellent lightweight and portable power source, designed with ease of use in mind. This unit comes complete with features designed to save both money and time – including an easily accessible fuel switch and oil watch warning system that helps prevent engine wear due to low oil.

This generator comes equipped with a 1.1 gallon tank designed to use regular unleaded gasoline and meets both EPA and CARB compliance, meaning it’s environmental friendly and safe for home use. Furthermore, its engine features premium components including cast iron cylinder lines, satellite valve faces and seats as well as Tufftride valve stems for long lasting reliability.

The EF2000iSv2 generator is also highly cost-effective and weighs only 57 pounds. Featuring an electrical overload breaker to protect it from powering more appliances than it can handle and a smart throttle feature which adjusts engine speed according to load – this allows longer use without overheating as well as quieter operation than most generators – it comes equipped with remote start capability for outdoor activities or camping trips without electricity availability.


Cummins offers a broad selection of generators ranging from 35kW to 2,500kW that are known for their durability and efficiency, but it is essential that you select one with enough power for your specific needs. Overpowered machines waste fuel more quickly while oversize models pose potential dangers to property and staff alike. A Woodstock Power representative will assess your requirements to help determine the appropriate size generator.

The Cummins Onan P9500df portable generator boasts dual fuel technology. Equipped with an L27.3 x W26.3 x H26.3 in frame for stability and a sturdy handle, this generator features 120/240V outlets as well as gas/propane options to create running wattage of 7,500W and peak wattage of 9,500W respectively.

This home standby generator may be small in stature but packs plenty of power. With its compact design and sleek aesthetics, this unit makes a perfect addition to any home and is even one of the quieter generators on the market with an average sound level rating of 65dB or lower compared to similar brands on the market. Furthermore, its warranty includes less exclusions.


Kohler generators are built for home and professional use in the USA and Europe, guaranteeing quality products that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, these sturdy mechanical devices make Kohler an excellent choice for those needing reliable backup power solutions at home or work.

Kohler generator engines do not overload or overheat, producing less than 5% total harmonic distortion. Their generators are also quiet; some models feature soundproof enclosures to minimize noise levels – especially useful if your home or work environment regularly experiences strong winds or rainfall.

Generators from this company are used to power homes, hospitals, shopping malls, and other commercial establishments; as well as providing emergency equipment like fire alarms and security systems with power. Furthermore, these generators can also power water heating systems.

Each Kohler generator is rigorously quality-tested from start to finish, including hundreds of performance tests during design. You can trust in its reliability when you need it most – not to mention a wide array of warranty plans and customer support services available from this top generator brand!


Duromax is an industry-leader when it comes to high-quality generators. Their models are affordable and reliable, with models for every need available across a range of models – even those without access to power during an outage can use one! Their portable generators such as the Duromax XP10000E offer powerful yet portable output – reaching 9,000W peak wattage while running up to 10 hours on one tank of gasoline while equipped with an oversized noise reduction muffler make this ideal for camping and tailgating!

Duromax’s XP12000EH gas/propane dual fuel generator is another top choice, capable of powering essential appliances for an average-sized home with its 12,000-watt peak power capacity and quiet electric start system.

Other generators with similar power output include the Honda EU7000iS and Predator 9500. While the Honda generator offers higher peak wattage than Duromax, it is less portable and does not support propane-gasoline hybrid capabilities. Conversely, Predator generator is more of a Honda knockoff with lower output but prone to overheating issues.


Generators can be an invaluable asset to homes and businesses looking to keep essential appliances operational during an outage, whether due to diesel, gasoline or propane power sources. Portable generators are great options for home use – from running essential fridge/freezer units so food doesn’t spoil to running lights and air conditioning units; while larger backup diesel generators provide emergency power at larger businesses or data centers.

Finding the appropriate generator size depends on how long you will need it for. While fuel tank run-time will differ between generators, you can calculate gallon capacity requirements by multiplying their consumption rate with desired run time. A block heater may also be required in order to prevent overheating when under heavy loads for extended periods.

Backup diesel gensets can be installed in various places. Some are placed inside sheds; others on the ground or an above-ground storage tank. The type and height of the tank determines how easily access is gained to its control panel – larger tanks may necessitate ladders or permanent platforms for smooth operations and maintenance.