What Should I Wear on Halloween?

Halloween can be an amazing opportunity to show the side of yourself that is typically hidden. Dress up as someone fun, cute, sexy or silly and express a side you may usually keep hidden.

If you want a unique Halloween look this year, dress as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s! All it takes is a black dress and pearls!

Dress up as your favorite Disney character

Halloween can be an enjoyable way to express your creativity through dressing up, but sometimes the options can be daunting. Finding something suitable can take time – searching online or visiting stores are good places to look – but dressing as your favorite character can bring out aspects of yourself that might otherwise go unseen.

Disney characters make classic Halloween costumes, yet you can get creative by adding your own twist to them. One cosplayer transformed a yellow bodysuit into Mia Theropolis from “The Little Mermaid.” Another great option is dressing as Jane from Tarzan – with just magenta wig and black beret needed, it makes a unique costume choice that doesn’t break the bank!

If you’re on a budget this Halloween season, why not dress as part of your girl squad? The new live-action version of “Kim Possible” stars many beloved female characters – like Shego and Kim Possible herself! A cosplayer could wear this couple costume to commemorate its release!

There are plenty of underrated Disney characters who make ideal Halloween costumes, like Zenon and Mia Thermopolis from “The Little Mermaid.” You could also dress as Stacey from “A Goofy Movie.” For this costume you will need black leggings, a plain turtleneck shirt, purple eye shadow and beret. Additionally, synthetic hair would add another realistic element – making this costume ideal for girls who enjoy pulling pranks on their friends! This would make an excellent costume idea.

Dress up as your favorite movie character

When it comes to costume ideas, Hollywood provides an endless supply of costume inspiration. Whether it’s Bella Swan from Twilight or an impressive 90s hip-hop star from the 90s era hip hop group Neptunez that you want to embody, there are numerous costumes you can easily put together from films – here are a few that should get the ball rolling for you! We rounded up some of our favorite movie character looks that’ll instantly transport you onto the big screen!

Make like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde for an eye-catching Halloween costume this year: just grab a pink wrap-front dress, wig, and pink bows to add extra pop of color. Or go as Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo with purple dress, green neckerchief, white heels and headband!

Are You A Walking Dead Fan? Dress Like Andrew Lincoln’s Sheriff! For an authentic look, wear Andrew’s uniform which includes two-tone uniform shirt with black pants and hat. Make it more realistic by adding gun belt and badge.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn costume from 2016 was one of the top search results on Google last year, and can easily be recreated at home using items found in your closet such as ripped black tank top and blue jeans, tied into two pigtails with hair tied back, plus some makeup to complete the look.

Schitt’s Creek fans can make this Halloween even more entertaining by dressing as Annie and Hallie from their hit Netflix show. Wear matching blue baby doll-style dresses as well as a long blonde braided wig!

Dress up as your favorite TV character

Halloween costumes often take their cue from popular movies or TV series, popular memes on social media and more. No matter where they draw inspiration from, there will surely be one that fits any audience and here are a few suggestions:

Are you in search of an easy and fun Halloween costume idea? Consider dressing as Elastigirl from The Incredibles – easily recreate her look by donning a red catsuit, black boots and white face paint! Plus it makes for great group costumes too!

An iconic pop-culture costume is Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo. With her bright purple outfit, green neckerchief, and iconic red wig, Daphne’s character can easily be recognized from television or movie scenes. If Velma Dinkley suits your aesthetic better, consider dressing up as Velma.

One sure way to stand out this Halloween is with a superhero costume. Marvel fans may like dressing as Scarlet Witch or Wanda Maximoff for an impressive costume idea that is easy and hassle-free to create.

If you prefer teen television shows, dress as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or any of the characters from Mean Girls for your costume! Revenge fans may also wish to dress as Camila Mendes from that show as Winifred Sanderson; this costume is easy and great choice for any teen girl!

If you love sci-fi movies, why not dress up like Boba Fett from Star Wars or another bounty hunter from his universe? Simply grab some tan-colored cargo pants, a hoodie and a mask from your closet to complete this look! Or for even more variety try dressing as one of the characters from HBO series Game of Thrones or try on their uniform.

Dress up as your favorite music artist

Halloween is an opportunity to dress up as your favorite musician, TV character or movie star and express what is trending in media at that time – or what inspires people from movies or TV shows to copy their look. Costume trends on this holiday often reflect what’s popular within social media or can even change year to year depending on what celebrities wear as their costume trend! Social media memes sometimes serve as inspirations while celebrities from movies or shows may inspire fans to emulate them when dressing up as Halloween characters.

Music artists make great Halloween costumes because they tend to have unique styles and fashion sense. For instance, The Beatles understood the significance of having an instantly recognizable aesthetic; their clothing and hairstyles helped cement their status as one of the most successful bands ever.

If you love hip hop or rap music, dressing as your favorite rapper can be great fun. Choose an album or song theme as the basis of your costume; find jeans and black shirt/sweatshirt to complete your ensemble; complete the look by adding a hat for extra authenticity or add a wig and make-up as an additional layer to complete the ensemble!

Other pop culture references are popular for Halloween costumes as well. Kim Kardashian’s all-black Balenciaga ensemble at the Met Gala has inspired many people to dress as her this year; Jenna Ortega won many fans as Wednesday Addams from Netflix series Wednesday as she appeared in several episodes.

If you’re a BTS fan, an outfit inspired by their hit song “Blinding Lights” would make an excellent costume option. Recreate their iconic look by wearing a plaid skirt and pink top, along with carrying candy out as you trick-or-treat!

Dress up as your favorite celebrity

Halloween costumes offer many possibilities; whether that means dressing as your favorite character from childhood TV shows or your favorite celebrity. When selecting your Halloween attire, it is essential that it fits both you and your age group comfortably.

If you’re a fan of Britney Spears, why not recreate one of her iconic looks from one of her music videos? Hailey Bieber dressed up like the pop star for Halloween video in 2021, and you can easily recreate Hailey Bieber’s outfit using white button-up shirt, black skirt and pink scrunchie braids tied with pink scrunchies tied at their ends – add fake eyelashes and wigs for added effect!

Billie Eilish’s angel look from her “Positions” music video makes for an awesome celebrity costume idea. To recreate it, all that’s required is a baggy graphic tee and bleach blonde wig, plus any accessories like Hawaiian lei and fanny pack for added glamor!

Lizzo has made a habit of including lyrics from her hit songs into her costumes, so it was no surprise when she chose a DNA test as her Halloween look in 2019.

If you want a stylish costume idea, nothing beats dressing as Marilyn Monroe. Replicating this iconic look requires nothing more than a long white dress and wig; to make your costume even more striking add dramatic makeup and smoke!