What Should I Give My Dog After Giving Birth?

A dog is in a fragile state after giving birth and requires intense care. She is not unlike a human during childbirth, undergoing numerous mental changes from having a litter of babies come into the world. This can lead to certain behavioral changes, some of which can be difficult to understand. This article will take a look at what should i give my dog after giving birth and how you can ensure she gets the proper nutrition to keep her puppies healthy as she nurses them.

During pregnancy and the time leading up to delivery, a female dog must consume higher levels of nutrients to prepare her body for motherhood and ensure she has enough milk to feed her new babies. During this stage, it is recommended that the mother dog be fed a high quality, highly palatable diet. It is also helpful to switch the mother to a special diet that is formulated for lactation. This food will contain a higher level of protein and fat to help her produce more milk as well as extra vitamins and minerals that are important for the puppies’ growth.

After she gives birth, the mother dog will need to consume even more nutrients to provide her puppies with all of the nourishment they will require. She will need to eat a diet that is high in proteins, fats, and calcium carbonate, as well as consuming larger quantities of water than usual. If she does not want to drink plain water, try offering her a bowl of chicken broth or mixing some pumpkin puree into the water to make it more enticing.

If the mother begins to eat regularly, it is usually a sign that everything is going well. However, if she stops eating or has diarrhea that does not stop after about 12 hours, then you should call your veterinarian as it may be a sign of something more serious.

A nursing mother will often pant after giving birth due to exhaustion and recovery from the pain of labor. While it is normal, if the mother continues to pant excessively, then you should consult your veterinarian as it could be a sign of postpartum depression.

Generally, a new momma dog will not want to be bathed right after she gives birth as this can take her away from her pups, who need her warmth and care in the early stages of life. It is best to wait a few days before you attempt to bathe her, as she will need to remain close to her babies in order to nurse them.

If your dog has a large amount of bloody discharge after the birth, then you should contact your veterinarian as it is not normal and could be a sign of complications like hemorrhage or infections that can occur from poor blood clotting. You should always trust your gut instinct and contact a veterinarian if you feel that your dog is acting abnormally, no matter what the circumstance is.