What Should I Do For DofE Volunteering?

The Volunteering section is one of the most rewarding, uplifting and memorable parts of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It’s often also the hardest to find an activity for, especially for participants under 16. This article has a collection of ideas and opportunities to help participants find the right volunteering challenge for them.

Working for a charity is one of the most popular routes for DofE Volunteering. Many charities have regular volunteer opportunities, and sites like do-it make it easy to search for and find them. You can also choose to set up your own project, as long as it’s approved by your DofE Leader and Licensed Organisation.

Charity projects could be anything from helping out at a local community centre, to fundraising for your favourite cause (with the guidance of your DofE Leader). You can also take on leadership roles that will enable you to develop your skills and confidence. This could be sports leadership, dance leadership, or group leadership.

A lot of people love animals, and you can turn this into your DofE volunteering by taking on a role at an animal sanctuary or zoo. You’ll likely need to go through a training programme, which will vary depending on the zoo. Examples include ZSL (London Zoo, Whipsnade Zoo), BIAZA, Paradise Wildlife Park, Drusillas Park, and many more.

Another option is to work at a care home or hospital as a volunteer. This will usually require you to be 16, but if you talk to your DofE Leader and the care home or hospital, it’s likely they can arrange for you to do some volunteering, or point you in the direction of someone else who could.

If you’re a keen activist, or have a political issue that you feel passionate about, this can also count as your volunteering section. Campaigning and aiming to raise awareness of particular social issues can be an excellent way to make a positive difference, and you might even be able to get your school involved in the process!