What Makes a Wise Person?

A wise person knows that they can only control themselves. They don’t worry about what others think, but instead focus on their own self-worth and happiness. They understand that they can achieve their goals and dreams by working hard and being smart. They know that they can never expect to be successful if they don’t take risks and put themselves out there.

They are Honest and Compassionate People

Wise people know that everyone is inherently good and capable of doing good. They don’t judge or condemn others, and they are often first in line to help those in need. They also don’t get involved in fights with others, because they understand that healthy relationships require compromise.

They Are Interested in Learning New Things

Wise people are always looking for new information and ideas to improve their lives. They study the latest trends, read books and articles about various subjects, and attend seminars on different topics. They also try to learn new skills and develop their careers.

They are Not Too Obsessive About Money

They don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money on items that they don’t need. They are disciplined in their spending habits and are not afraid to clip coupons, sign up for discount clubs, and shop during sales.

Their financial situation doesn’t determine their happiness, and they aren’t worried about accumulating debt. They make sure that they save enough for retirement and invest in their future through savings accounts and investments.

Wisdom is the ability to discern between options when faced with a problem or unsatisfying situation. It’s a skill that’s not easy to learn, and it requires a lot of practice.

In an interview with Psychology Today, Robert Sternberg argues that wise people are able to decide between three ways to resolve an issue: they can simply adjust or adapt to their current situation, change it, or find a new environment altogether.

He suggests that wise people are able to choose the best option for them because they are aware of how their decisions can affect themselves. They can also decide whether the change is worth the cost to their well-being and reputation.

They are Good at Navigating Environments

When faced with a problem or an unsatisfying situation, wise people can navigate the situation without too much personal cost to themselves. They know that they have several options, but they are not overwhelmed by the choices and don’t make rash decisions.

They have an Observant Eye

Wise people are naturally observant because they constantly reflect on their thoughts and actions. They pay attention to little details and subtle hints that other people miss. They also observe what people do when they aren’t watching, such as their reactions to others’ comments or how they handle stressful situations.