What Kind of Spirit Guide Watches Over You?

Many people have spirit guides such as animals or humans as guides in their life, while some turn to Jesus, Mother Mary or Buddha for advice and assistance.

Your Angels provide guidance, protection, and assistance during challenging times. Often they send clues or breadcrumbs such as gut instincts, ideas, downloads or synchronicities as hints that help guide the path you should be on.


Angels are messengers from God and play an enormous role in our lives, often acting as protectors, healers, guides and guides – helping us navigate life’s ups and downs with support from Archangels (highest angels) on Earth who have specific tasks or missions they must complete (often known as chief princes).

Michael and Gabriel are widely-known archangels; however, others might be unfamiliar to you such as Chamuel, Raphael, Uriel and Raziel. “Archangel” comes from Greek for chief angel; these powerful beings seem to sit atop our angelic hierarchy as part of cosmology as well as appearing throughout Scripture.

Chamuel is an archangel who specializes in reconnecting lost items to you. Similar to Saint Anthony in Catholicism, he can help retrieve lost heirlooms such as wedding rings. Additionally, Chamuel excels at helping relationship issues resolve as well as finding one’s soul purpose and healing heartaches after loss. He’s truly a caring angel that will heal your heart quickly.

Raphael is another Archangel with strong healing powers who can be called upon during times of illness or injury. His energy helps ease your discomfort while rejuvenating you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. His forgiveness can assist with career matters too – as seen in Revelations where he delivers messages to seven churches!

Kabbalistic mysticism associates each of the four archangels with a season, element, and color – for instance Uriel is associated with wisdom and enlightenment – his colors being violet and gold.

Doing regular spiritual practices such as drawing cards in the morning for guidance or attending weekly meditative yoga classes can help you build relationships with your spirit guides, encouraging you to call upon them for support and assistance when necessary. Some even give their guides names, creating an intimate bond.

Your Higher Self

Many cultures and religions believe that humans are blessed with spirit guides who assist in helping them navigate life’s ups and downs. This belief is no new age fad; these beings exist and can assist us on our path.

Family members, past pets and spiritual teachers such as Mother Mary or Buddha can all serve as potential guides or mentors; others could include people like dancers or artists who have made it big in their field and can now offer guidance to newcomers; also useful might be supportive friends or coworkers who have been where you are now and can offer insight.

Spirit guides may appear in your dreams or daily life to show they’re there, often as animals with special messages for you, such as the peacock teaching you how to embrace your beauty with confidence or the wolf reminding us how essential it is that our basic needs be met. Additionally, these individuals may come through other channels, like friends or coworkers offering assistance on specific projects.

To connect with your spirit guide, take some time out in a peaceful space, close your eyes, breathe deeply and focus on the present moment. Use any divination tool – oracle cards, tarot cards, runes or whatever works for you – that resonates with you to ask for assistance from one specific spirit guide on an issue that’s bothering you; spend a few minutes asking before watching for signs that your guide has heard and accepted the challenge to support you.

One key strategy for successfully communicating with your spirit guide is giving them names. Doing this can make them seem more real, encouraging you to connect more regularly. Simply pick out an existing name from magazines or movies, such as Emily or Javier; over time you may come to know their personality better; they may then communicate through it as well.

Your Angels

Spirit guides usually take the shape of an angel; however, other non-physical entities could also serve as spirit guides. Like an invisible light pointing your soul in its appropriate direction, spirit guides act as guides who provide healing, protection and direction – they’re like beacons that illuminate life’s paths with guidance ranging from healing to protection and guidance – from healing to protection to guidance the way. Angels work with all backgrounds without prejudice and can use various signs to reach out and grab your attention, such as flickering lights, numbers repeated repeatedly or certain colors appearing regularly; additionally they could send guidance via mental downloads (claircognizance), breakthrough thoughts (claircognizance) or physical sensations (clairsentience).

At times, your spirit guides may simply want to ensure you’re paying attention. They’re always here for you and excited to have more communication. Take some positive steps: watch a film or documentary featuring spiritual themes; seek out spiritual teachers/mentors that resonate with you; read an inclusive book on intuition or meditate upon love and gratitude to increase communication with your guides.

One of the key indicators that your spirit guides are nearby is when personal items appear unexpectedly – for instance, clothes moving from dresser to closet or newspapers moving out of driveway to front door – or you notice they’ve moved around your house and car. An empath may even sense an energy shift when they encounter angels nearby.

Each person has his or her own team of angels that we call upon for assistance when needed. When calling on an archangel for instance, their energy signature can quickly transform any room where they walk into. So when calling upon one exclusively or even in part you may notice immediate shifts within moments as soon as they arrive.

Your Guide Dogs

Anishinaabe people often refer to Guide Dogs as totems; spirit animals that have made an agreement with you in order to assist your life on Earth. Guide Dogs have the power to shield, soothe, encourage creativity, fuel spiritual development, and connect you to your soul’s purpose here on earth. Furthermore, Guide Dogs bring new people, places and ideas as a guide towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.

Experience has taught us that having spirit guides watching over us is more than a new age concept; it’s an ancient and deeply-held belief system across many cultures and religions. Your spirit guides are part of your soul family and always there to provide support through life’s difficulties.

Your guides are there to view any situation objectively and offer helpful advice, providing energy that fuels creative energy and connecting you with people who share similar interests, passions and desires.

Your spirit guides can communicate with you in various ways, but the most essential thing is listening to and following their guidance. This may come through in the form of gut instincts, ideas, “downloads,” synchronicities or dreams.

When your guides attempt to communicate with you, you’ll notice an immediate change in the atmosphere around you – this might include sudden temperature shifts or unexplainable smells or sounds; repeated sightings of an animal might recur or something from your past might suddenly appear in stores or restaurants.

Tuning into the subtle signs your spirit guides are sending will make recognizing their messages easier. If they seem off, seek help from a spirit guide medium such as Yamile Yemoonyah for clarification or practice visualization and meditation to connect with them directly; drinking herbal teas from Kalea Sacatechichi could help enhance dream recall and foster lucid dreaming as well.