What Kind of Mother of the Bride Dress Should Wear?

When it comes to wedding etiquette, mothers of the bride and groom are tasked with a unique challenge: finding an outfit that is both elegant and appropriate. A basic rule of thumb is that the mother should not compete with the bride, but this can be tricky to accomplish when shopping for a dress that’s neither matronly nor too young. There are also the concerns of adhering to a dress code and respecting the bride’s color palette to contend with.

Thankfully, the days of matronly mom dresses are long gone and modern moms are encouraged to go all out with their bridal looks. From sleek evening gowns and trendy maxi dresses to dressy jumpsuits and chic pantsuits, there are countless options available that are both comfortable and sophisticated. And with a little help from our stylish guide, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect Mother of the Bride dress!

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid white or ivory dresses as they can steal attention from the bride. However, if the bride has requested that the mother of the bride wears a white dress or she’s going for an all-white look, it can be perfectly acceptable.

When in doubt, it’s best to ask the bride for her opinion. After all, it’s her daughter’s special day and she knows best what will complement her perfectly. And if the bride wants the mother of the bride to stand out, it’s a good idea to opt for a more vibrant hue that will really pop in photos.

For the fashion-forward MOTB, we love this sexy off-the-shoulder lace dress from Zimmerman. Complete with a cascading ruffle, this flattering silhouette will elevate the entire look. And for something a bit more formal, Net-a-Porter has this elegant rose pink silk dress that’s sure to turn heads.

If the bride has a more neutral color in mind, you can’t go wrong with a blush or robin’s egg blue. These pastel shades pair well with many skin tones and will look beautiful alongside the bridesmaids’ floral dresses.

Purple is another classic color that can be worn by the mother of the bride. It pairs beautifully with grays, pinks and even greens. And it’s especially stunning on those with cool skin tones.

Black tie is usually reserved for evening events, and it’s a great opportunity to get all dressed up. The mother of the bride can opt for a floor-length evening gown, or she can go for a dressier cocktail dress. Either way, she’ll want to accessorize with her best jewelry and a chic clutch. And don’t forget those elegant heels!

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, our mothers are some of the most inspiring style icons. And with the right outfit, they can make their daughter’s big day truly memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing our selection of the best mother of the bride dresses and get ready to celebrate!