What Kind of Hat Looks Good on a Round Face?

The ideal hats for round faces should add height and balance the width of your face. Avoid narrow-brimmed hats as these could overpower your forehead and make you appear short and fat.

Opt for hats with angular shapes to elongate facial curves and break the symmetry of your face shape. This can be accomplished by selecting one with either a straight brim or one that slanted forward brims.

Flat caps

Flat caps are an indispensable and timeless hat style, fitting nearly any face shape perfectly. Crafted from wool or tweed fabric and featuring a short brim that provides shade from the sun’s rays, flat caps fold easily for pocket storage – not to mention they pair beautifully with jeans, T-shirts, suits and everything in between! A well-chosen flat cap makes an elegant accessory all year long!

Flat caps can be the ideal hats for men with round faces who want something that won’t cinch too tightly around their heads, while still looking stylish. Their rounded brims add softness while the short peak contrasts and adds contrast and angularity. Furthermore, flat caps are easy to maintain as you can wash them in warm water with regular shampoo use; just be careful not to get the brim wet as that will cause it to crack and lose shape!

The flat cap is an iconic British garment with its roots dating back to fourteenth-century Northern England. Initially called bonnets, these hats were worn by noblemen on hunting expeditions or when shooting took place; over time it became associated with wealth and status and continued its popularity well into the 17th and 18th centuries; it even made appearances among some women!

While flat caps with their rounded brims look good on most face shapes, some individuals require additional help in accentuating their best features. Square or heart-shaped faces may require an accessory that adds width to their brow and jawline – something like a cloche, fedora or trilby could do just the trick! Large foreheads and narrow chins may require something with less puff (gavroche or Irish cap).

Flat caps are an excellent way for round faces to accessorize with just about any look and are especially effective in creating a rakish appearance. When selecting your flat cap color, be sure to pair it with clothing from your wardrobe – this way your hat will always remain on trend!

Newsboy caps

Flat caps and newsboy hats are timeless classics that add a timeless sophistication to any ensemble, while remaining versatile enough for casual wear. However, when selecting one to suit your personal style and avoid getting it wet (this could cause it to disform into its original form), make sure it fits comfortably and meets all your personal criteria.

A newsboy cap or paper boy hat is a style of flat cap with an expanded and puffier profile than regular flat caps. The name derives from when street vendors sold newspapers while wearing this style of hat; usually lined with fabric for comfort and featuring a top button at its peak peak.

This type of hat is particularly advantageous for round faces, helping to add angles and height. Additionally, newsboy hats make an eye-catching statement in fashion. When purchasing one for yourself it is crucial that the brim falls close to your eyes while its crown covers your head comfortably.

Finding the appropriate newsboy hat can be tricky, so to be sure of finding one for yourself it is best to try them on and see how they fit. If you need assistance measuring your head using tape measure or string then compare this measurement with our website’s sizing chart.

When searching for the ideal flat cap to compliment your wardrobe, tweed or wool blend options might be your perfect match. These caps feature more structured profiles that work great for cold weather as well as jeans or classic jackets – just be mindful not to over-do it by pairing one with both outfits as that could give the impression that you are dressing like a page boy!

Hats can add an elegant finishing touch to your look in ways other accessories cannot. Wear one while walking the dog or running errands, and it will balance out your shape and keep you comfortable – not forgetting its flattering qualities on your neck and shoulders! When selecting one make sure it fits well as well.


Hats make the perfect finishing touch to any look. A fedora or trilby hat can also accentuate your facial structure; for those with round faces, hats with tall crowns will elongate and angulate it further; however, small or too-small hats could overwhelm them; opt instead for ones with lower crowns and wider brims instead.

The fedora, a soft-brimmed hat with pinched crown first made its debut on fashion runways during the early 1900s. Made popular by actress Sarah Bernhardt in her play “Fedora,” its popularity quickly skyrocketed when combined with African American and Mexican American attire during World War II as part of zoot suit ensembles known as zoot suits ensembles – such as those worn during WW2.

A fedora not only adds style, but is also practical: protecting from sun and wind exposure while adding sophistication. While some men shy away from wearing hats altogether, choosing the appropriate fedora could add depth to your ensemble and even help cover less flattering features of the face.

Round faces typically feature wide foreheads and full cheeks, forming an almost half-circle shape without any significant angles or parts that stand out. A round facial structure emphasizes soft curves of your skin which can be enhanced further with non-round headwear such as caps.

A fedora is an ideal accessory for round faces as it adds an edge and elongates your features. Plus, its comfortable wearability makes it suitable for everyday life or outdoor activities like sports or hiking.

The High Noon Western wool fedora is an ideal choice for round faces, made from weathered cotton with leather-like characteristics and featuring an adjustable front pinch that can be adjusted to perfectly complement a round face. Furthermore, this UPF 25+-rated construction provides ample sun protection, making this an excellent hat suitable for vacation or beach lounging while still looking fashionable!

Trilby hats

Finding the ideal hat for your face shape can be tricky, as you want something that not only complements your overall style and outfit but also accentuates your features. To simplify this process, think about what kind of event you will be attending – is it casual such as a picnic or family gathering, or more formal like a wedding or bridal shower. Once you know which kind of event it will be, you can select an appropriate headwear piece.

Trilby hats are an excellent option for people with round faces. Not only are they stylish and versatile, but their variety of colors and materials allows you to wear one for business events as well as casual settings; men and women alike will benefit from wearing this timeless fashion statement!

Trilby hats have curved brims that create an angular appearance for your face, which can be especially advantageous for those with rounder faces. Wide shouldered individuals and men with narrow shoulders tend to prefer them; men may wear them too! It is important to remember, though, that trilbies may not be suitable if you have long faces; in this instance a fedora or pork pie hat would likely work better as this type of headwear features low crowns with wide brims such as fedora or pork pie styles will help your features stand out more.

The trilby hat resembles its fedora counterpart in that it features a shallow indentation on its crown and smaller pinch at the front, similar to what some shops advertise as “trilby fedoras.” Due to this similarity, many shops advertise them as such hats; celebrities and people looking to show off sophisticated taste often favor trilbys like Frank Sinatra did; often wearing dark or muted colors to complement his suits or dark denim and creating an air of elegance and classiness when worn together!