What Kind of Blow Dryer is Best?

No longer are one-size-fits-all blow dryers the norm. Today’s cutting edge tools make purchasing a hair dryer almost bespoke process that considers your individual concerns like frizz or humidity and lifestyle preferences when determining its suitable model.

If you like traveling, consider investing in this foldable dual voltage model praised by Sephora and Ulta reviewers – it weighs less than two pounds, is compact, and can withstand moisture well.

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Some ceramic hair dryers use ionic technology, emitting negative ions in the air flow that help accelerate dispersal of water molecules in your locks, speeding up dry time and smoothening strands. Others utilize ceramic coils, providing more even heat distribution to minimize frizz (especially for those with textured or curly locks) while lessening damage.

The best ceramic hair dryers offer salon-worthy blowouts at home without harming your strands. Gentle yet powerful, they reduce blow drying time while protecting against frizz, static electricity, and heat damage while locking in moisture for glossy and healthy locks.

Make sure your ceramic hair dryer features a high wattage to quickly dry your strands without damaging them, either listed on its packaging or online. Also ensure it offers multiple temperature settings to control how hot the airflow gets while drying your locks.

Many ceramic hair dryers are lightweight, making them comfortable to hold for extended periods of time and easy to move around with. Their foldability also makes them an excellent travel choice, fitting easily into luggage without taking up too much room. Rio Viera-Newton from Strategist Beauty Writing Staff recommended one as it is small in size yet doesn’t get too hot during use, plus has an easily identifiable yellow hue making it easier to find in luggage racks.

This Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer offers different heat and speed settings as well as a cool shot button to keep your locks looking sleek and shiny for longer. Additionally, there are attachments designed to help build volume or curl your strands while drying and an easily accessible removable air filter, long cord reach hard-to-reach areas with 360deg U-shaped heating wire and long cord design ensure uniform heating distribution – plus its ceramic and tourmaline technologies lock moisture in keeping it glossy and healthy looking!


An ionic hair dryer can transform the way you blow dry your locks. By reducing static electricity and speeding up drying time, an ionic hair dryer makes styling your strands much simpler, especially those with thick or coarse locks which often take longer to dry or have frizzy locks that tend to take more effort to keep smooth and shiny. Furthermore, its ability to close hair cuticles reduces frizz for smooth results that leave shiny locks with less frizziness!

Negative ions released by high-quality ionic hair dryers counteract positive ions found in your hair, helping it dry more quickly than with traditional models. Furthermore, negative ions close your cuticle to lock in moisture for shinier and healthier looking strands.

An ideal ionic hair dryer is lightweight, making it easy to use for extended periods without straining your arms or shoulders. Furthermore, its protective feature can protect delicate strands against damage while making them appear thicker.

Tourmaline ionic hair dryers may also be beneficial to those with fine locks, and use ground up or pieced together tourmaline crystals to produce only negative ions when heated – more expensive than standard ionic dryers but sure to leave your strands silky smooth!

There are also ionic hair dryers equipped with ALCI safety plugs to prevent your locks from overheating – this feature is particularly important if you plan to use the hair dryer regularly or over long periods, helping avoid accidental burns.

Being as much time is spent perfecting our blowouts in front of the mirror as we spend, it makes sense that we would want ways to speed up this process. An ionic hair dryer is one of the easiest and most effective tools for doing just this – helping reduce frizz and flyaways for an impressive glossy, healthy finish that lasts all day long.

For maximum convenience, opt for an ionic hair dryer with multiple heat and speed settings as well as a high-powered air compressor. That way, you can easily set it to meet the temperature and drying speeds specific to your individual hair needs.


High-speed blow dryers typically feature multiple heat and speed settings to meet different user needs. While it is generally advised that those with thick, curly locks opt for lower or medium temperature settings to reduce damage risks, many women need higher heat settings in order to dry their locks faster, especially those with coarse or damaged strands, which often take longer to dry and are more vulnerable to heat damage.

A good quality hair dryer should also be quiet enough to use while talking or applying makeup, without interrupting conversation or drowning out music. Anything over 85 decibels (the equivalent to heavy traffic areas) is capable of causing hearing damage; choose one with a noise rating under 80 decibels to avoid needless damage to hearing.

Consider how your blow dryer looks and feels in your hand when purchasing it. A well-designed model should feel balanced and comfortable to hold without too much extra weight, while being built for everyday wear and tear such as being stored away in a bathroom cabinet or packed into luggage.

If you’re on the hunt for a compact travel-friendly hair dryer, T3’s model could be just what you’re after. Offering comparable performance with full-sized units but folding flat and offering dual voltage is perfect for backpacking trips and its reviews show just that – moms gift this compact hair dryer before their kids take off backpacking since its tiny dimensions make it easy to transport while offering similar performance as full-sized dryers when arriving at their destinations. It has over 3,000 Amazon reviews from moms gifting it their children before backpacking adventures because it folds flat for travel and works just as effectively once when arriving there!

This professional-grade hair dryer features tourmaline coating, along with ionic and ceramic technologies to reduce heat damage and add shine. Its grill emits negative ions to promote smoother shafts. Plus, there are multiple attachments so you can customize your style to perfection! This dryer also boasts one of the fastest speeds we tested – three heat options and two speed settings as well as a cool shot button!


An amazing hair dryer can have a significant impact on your look, so it is crucial that you select one with features tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle. From those packed with extras such as built-in diffusers or those lightweight yet easy to hold models – there is sure to be one out there that meets all of your requirements! Some utilize clever technology to speed up drying times while others feature attachments designed specifically to style and tame strands.

Blow dryers come in all shapes and sizes, from budget models to those offering premium features like reduced heat damage and quicker drying times for a sleek finish.

Wattage, which measures the power of your dryer, should be the first consideration. Experts advise selecting at least 1,300-watt models as this should ensure adequate drying power without damaging strands in an expeditious fashion.

Most blow dryers offer various heat and speed settings that allow users to customize their blowout according to their desired look. You can find this information by looking at either its label or user manual.

If you want to create smooth strands, a model with ceramic or tourmaline technology might be best. These dryers have heat regulation features to evenly disperse heat to keep hair from becoming too hot; this can especially benefit fine or brittle locks which tend to fry. Furthermore, many have cool shot buttons which release cold air blasts to seal cuticles and add shine.

Most dryers feature a nozzle to allow you to direct airflow, which can be especially helpful when trying to blow out hair sections individually. Some even come equipped with diffuser settings which work perfectly for curly locks or natural textures.

Notable here is that several of the loudest models we tested reached over 80 decibels, which is on par with heavy traffic noise levels. Prolonged exposure to such noise can damage hearing; for optimal hearing health and usage habits, choose a quieter model.