What is Trending in Bathroom Tiles?

Create an oasis of restful calm in your bathroom with soothing green or soft beige shades, or bring elements from your favorite vacation resort into the home with Moroccan-inspired tiles.

Terrazzo continues to make waves among the bathroom tile trends of 2023. Create an eye-catching look with stone specks that are easy to keep clean while being durable and long-term solutions for bathroom floors.


Checkerboard tile patterns have long been a timeless and versatile bathroom trend, from adding visual interest in small spaces, creating the illusion of more square footage with white tiles, or being used to adorn an accent wall or shower enclosure. Play with color by choosing shades that contrast or coordinate, or keep it neutral.

Subway tiles have long been the go-to option when it comes to tile patterns for homeowners, but designers are turning away from this standard and looking towards other shapes and styles which offer greater variation in size and color variation. Homeowners are becoming bolder in their choice of hues bringing bolder hues into the bathroom – which makes monochrome checkered tile floors an excellent way to make a bold statement with their flooring style!

An innovative way to revamp a traditional tile design is to swap out classic subway tiles with long thin ones resembling slats, like those found here in this bathroom design with its checkerboard pattern halfway up the walls that helps make space feel larger.

For a casual approach to this design, an off-white checkered tile with an easy to wipe clean matte finish would make an attractive focal point in your bathroom. Pair this look with darker accent tiles or bolder hues like this bubblegum pink for a contemporary bathroom that still exudes classic sophistication.

Subtle elegance can be added to this design by switching out the traditional black and white tiles for one made from mother-of-pearl material, which provides a touch of shimmer while conjuring images of shimmering ocean waves or shimmering sand dunes. Mother-of-pearl tiles offer an added luxurious element for anyone seeking to bring some luxury into their bathroom space.

Although geometric and patterned tiles may no longer be as popular, they still make an excellent addition to any bathroom. Homeowners are increasingly opting for herringbone, hexagon and chevron tiles in their bathrooms for creating visually intriguing floor or backsplash patterns; you could also combine smaller-scale herringbone or hexagon tiles with larger patterns to achieve an appealing and balanced layout.

Mosaic Fingers

Tiles are one of the easiest, cost-effective ways to update your bathroom or kitchen, making a statement with bold patterns such as hexagons, herringbone patterns or geometric shapes that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. But why stop there when there are plenty of creative combinations out there that create bold, stylish contemporary looks?

One popular option for modernizing bathroom designs is turning traditional tile shapes at an angle, giving them a distinct texture and movement that draws the eye. This approach can add contemporary flair while still remaining affordable if you aren’t quite ready for full patterned or textured tiles.

Other textured tile options include striations and bumps. This look adds interest without overwhelming your walls. Furthermore, they’re easier to keep clean – an invaluable asset in a bathroom setting!

Choose a textured stone or marble tile with an aged aesthetic for bathrooms and kitchens, especially when combined with soft metal hardware and fixtures. This option works especially well when combined with more subtle metallic accessories and fixtures.

Opting for colored tiles is another bold textured tile option, as this trend continues to gain in popularity in bathrooms worldwide. Pink hues in particular make a striking statement in large format tiles like Porcelain Superstore (opens in new tab)’s Fluted Pink Decor Wall Tiles PS48m2, perfect examples.

Geometric and patterned tiles are becoming a growing trend that can easily combine with other bathroom tile trends. Hexagons, chevrons and herringbone patterns have all become more commonly seen, pairing well with classic checkerboard and subway patterns and shapes like checkerboard and subway tiles.

Zellige tile designs, which originated from Moorish and Islamic countries, have become increasingly popular. While creating this intricate art requires patience and precision to produce it by hand, some companies now produce mass-produced zellige tiles in various colours and designs.

Subway Tiles

Though sleek, glossy tiles remain an integral component of bathroom designs, designers are gravitating toward more dynamic tile trends with texture and unique layouts that add depth and a sense of surprise to rooms. These trendy options add depth and drama to the bathroom space.

Subway tiles often take center stage when it comes to striking designs, but other options exist that can also create eye-catching aesthetics. Consider half-paneled wainscoting with vivid hues as seen in this Brooklyn home designed by Eneia White or opt for graphic patterns like those seen here using Mutina’s Hex tile range in Adelaide bathroom – there are plenty of creative solutions out there to achieve striking looks!

Designers are increasingly opting for hues of blue on the walls, particularly navy and turquoise shades, pairing perfectly with white, grey, and marble finishes. Earthy neutral hues such as ivory taupe brown are also on trend and pair nicely with timber flooring, brass fixtures, plants for an on-trend botanical effect.

These textures can also be combined with different styles and colors for unique effects, like mixing herringbone patterns with other styles such as chevron or offset layouts for modern looks. Fasan cautions that it is important to assemble patterns modularly as uneven divisions may make herringbone patterns lean or drift optically.

Textured tiles not only add visual interest, but are also easier to keep clean than smooth surfaces. That’s why textured tiles work so well in busy bathrooms such as laundry rooms and mudrooms; for instance, Terra-cotta tiles work especially well in utility rooms, adding an organic charm that complements kitchens or bathrooms perfectly.

Wood-look tile is an evergreen trend that brings warmth and natural beauty into any room, perfect for floor or wall covering as long as a waterproof membrane is installed underneath it. Designers love pairing it with other popular bathroom trends such as hexagon and herringbone patterns for maximum effect.

Traditional flat, right-angled tiles may be classic choices, but their coldness and sterility can feel uncomfortable in spaces that prioritize comfort. To counteract this issue, many designers are opting for handmade tiles with softer finishes and human scale textures; Zellige tiles make an excellent option due to their vibrant hues and ability to be configured into either hexagonal or square forms.


Tile & Bathroom Specialists report that Terracotta has experienced an unexpected revival this year. Its warm, burnt rusty tones create an atmosphere of comfort that fits in well with popular interior decorating trends like Hygge.

Terracotta tiles can be an excellent way to bring texture and personality to any bathroom floor, including fluted terracotta floor tiles for an eye-catching design feature on a floor, hexagonal tiles for creating geometric patterns on walls or floors, or fluted hexagonals to make hexagonal patterns on either surface. Terracotta’s advantage over other materials is that its not limited to rustic homes; modern bathrooms also use it successfully with smooth finish versions available for seamless integration.

Add another great element of terracotta into your bathroom by using it for the basin. This classic bathroom tile style brings rustic charm into any space and pairs wonderfully with natural wood tapware and furniture. Additionally, consider bringing other natural elements such as pampas grass shower curtains or wood grain effect cabinets for added effect.

As we progress into 2023, we’re seeing a shift in how homeowners think about their bathrooms. They are less focused on increasing resale value and more interested in creating spaces they enjoy spending time in – as evidenced by clients choosing bolder and brighter bathroom tiles than ever before.

Plain white subway blocks no longer cut it for homeowners; instead they’re opting for intricate geometric tile designs to add character and interest to their space. From hexagons to chevrons and herringbones, there’s no end of possibilities when it comes to tile patterns that add character and interest – from hexagons through chevrons, herringbones, herringbones and chequerboards, they can even be combined to form more complex patterns such as black-and-white chequerboards! Homeowners also love using colored grouts as an extra splash of colour; dark emerald green grout can draw the eye across larger tile areas or act as an accent statement when accent walls.