What is the Sagittarius Know For 2?

Sagittarius, the outgoing and social fire sign, embraces life with gusto. Their ruling planet Jupiter brings big-or-nothing luck into their romance and home zones this year.

Sag characteristics typically include an appreciation for vibrant art and creative expression; an insatiable wanderlust which typically leads to globetrotting adventures; and an inner voice which allows them to speak their mind without ever going around in circles or filtering what they say out. Here’s everything you should know about this free-spirited, optimistic sign:

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Sagittarius, the fire sign associated with fun, is an enthusiastic social butterfly who thrives on making people smile with his/her passion for people. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius loves spontaneous fun-loving weekends full of extravagant dreams which often come true. He/She are born travelers, adventurers and explorers; resisting rules, regulations and constraints wherever possible while being free spirited — often leading to chaos when unchecked; but this quirky sign always manages to land safely without lasting damage done!

Zodiac Signs of Adventure and Higher Learning and their inherent sense of adventure manifest themselves in both love and romance relationships. Zodiac signs are notoriously flirtatious, always sliding into your DMs! In bed they tend to embrace sexual experiences which broaden their horizons or allow them to be truer to themselves – be that sex workshops together or exploring unusual fetishes like acrobatics or exhibitionism as some means of self-expression.

Sagittarius people tend to be the happiest in relationships because they tend to be naturally generous and open-minded, leading them to fall quickly for each other. Since risks associated with love are usually minimal compared to potential benefits, they take no precautions in terms of caution when dating someone new. They don’t waste their time with cautionary tales; rather, they step forward when their friends need an advocate. As they learn, Sags can sometimes become disillusioned with people they supposedly love if forced to suppress their natural enthusiasm and spontaneity too much. When this occurs, they may drift from their partner and turn instead toward others with similar interests; ultimately they remain loyal to the idea of love, not necessarily those they claim it for; while this can be hard on loved ones but is ultimately necessary in growing as individuals.


Sagittarius values honesty in relationships, and enjoys sharing laughs. They won’t hesitate to express their opinions freely and are passionate about seeing those close to them grow and succeed – making for amazing friends and partners! Their impulsive nature sometimes gets them into trouble, yet this trait only adds character and bond.

Sagittarians need someone in a romantic relationship who can keep up with them and match their quick wit, so finding someone who can balance spontaneity with commitment issues is ideal; then both can enjoy an exciting connection that runs deep with knowledge and adventure.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius tends to be restless and does not thrive under long periods of stillness or confinement. This can prove challenging for Cancer, who may feel their trust squandered by this passionate fire sign’s fast-paced energy and constant exploration; conversely a Sagittarius could prove overwhelming for Scorpio as their feelings can feel threatened by its buzzing energy.

As Sagittarius is a mutable sign, they sometimes struggle with following through on their plans and may leave many projects incomplete – this can be frustrating for friends or lovers looking for commitment; but by learning to value what is tried-and-tested rather than constantly looking for new experiences they will become more consistent in their relationships.

Sagittarius natives tend to be generous people. They will always find it important to lend their voice and lend support for causes they believe in and feel strongly about, which makes a career in social work or charity an excellent fit – using their natural warmth and empathy to assist the people both near them in life as well as those they meet at work.


Sagittarius, as an adventurer’s sign, thrives in careers where their risk-taking spirit and appetite for new experiences are acknowledged and celebrated. Accomplishing mastery over their work is important to them – no one wants to feel subpar! However, they tend to be quite forthright and direct which can sometimes come across as arrogant or intimidating.

At work, they prefer maintaining a level of professionalism and avoiding drama. Though naturally leaders, they’d rather remain distant from coworker friendships; preferring instead to leave at a reasonable hour and start their “real” lives after leaving work behind.

As they’re somewhat unpredictable, creatives don’t usually prefer routine and need their jobs to stay exciting and engaging every day – something which many creatives are quite adept at doing – making them well suited to design, sales, travel and journalism professions among others.

Jupiter, as their ruling planet, symbolizes expansion, big-picture thinking and organic prosperity. Unfortunately, however, this fiery fire sign may become overconfident in their convictions and make some costly errors along the way.

Sags can achieve their career goals thanks to Jupiter and their enthusiastic nature. Sags often use their natural optimism and exuberant personality to inspire confidence among others – this makes them adept salespeople or leaders who know how to coax more out of their team members.

Sagittarians can be the life of the party, spreading positivity wherever they go. Their energy can be infectious; as long as they don’t become arrogant (like Willy Wonka’s gum-chewing Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), these fun people are great to be around – often having many diverse friends that span many walks of life so as to experience every facet of culture and society.


Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter – a beneficent planet associated with abundance and fortune – can sometimes manifest as restless energy that leads to fickle behavior when left unchecked, particularly when facing circumstances requiring more nuanced responses or subtlety. Sagittarians may find it hard to remain focused for extended periods on one goal at once, which is one reason they may prefer careers such as freelancing or entrepreneurial ventures as opposed to more conventional roles like teaching.

Sags are natural explorers who recognize the difference between superficial, external knowledge and wisdom gained from within themselves. They possess an intuitive ability to help others see the big picture more clearly – which makes them great public speakers or coaches.

Tarot depicts Sagittarius with the Temperance card; this image of an angel pouring liquid into two golden goblets symbolizes their need to strike a balance between leaping forward with faith and grounding themselves firmly in reality. People born under Sagittarius face both the gift and challenge of channelling their energetic enthusiasm in productive and beneficial ways.

Sagittarius people typically possess an optimistic, positive outlook on life due to their natural drive for expansion and penchant for big-picture thinking, making for an optimistic and hopeful outlook on the world. Sagittarius are generous people – their generousity can spread quickly! However, without careful reflection and decision-making practices in place to balance out their lucky streak, Sagittarius could end up becoming too big for their britches!

Sagittarians’ bold, outgoing natures can sometimes make them too assertive. They tend to speak their minds honestly – calling out someone on their bad behavior or telling someone they don’t fancy dating them directly; something which is what makes them trusted friends and confidantes; but their honesty may cause hurt feelings among others and cause conflict between those they’re close with and them.