What is the Prime Minister’s Email Address?

As a Canadian citizen, you have several ways of reaching the Prime Minister with your feedback or queries: online; via post; by phone; through his social media accounts or letter; or direct contact.

Your Prime Minister welcomes online requests for birthday, wedding anniversary or union greetings; however due to security regulations he cannot accept gifts of cash or valuable items as gifts.

How to contact the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister’s Office encourages citizens to reach out with feedback, questions and suggestions for improvement through email, mail or social media. They also welcome suggestions for government programs.

The PM’s office receives an abundance of inquiries; therefore it is impossible for him to respond personally to every message sent out. His staff do read and consider each message received. Furthermore, their goal is to foster an inclusive environment by hosting panels composed of members from the public who can offer insights.

As well as email, the Prime Minister can be reached through two Twitter accounts: @CanadianPM and @JustinTrudeau. These official Twitter accounts are managed by members of his staff. In addition, Justin Trudeau maintains two YouTube accounts where he posts videos documenting his daily activities and meetings; his staff manages another YouTube account where videos of these appearances can be seen; as well as a Facebook page where pictures and updates on his work are regularly uploaded by members of his team.

As much as the Prime Minister’s Office appreciates public input and suggestions, it should be kept in mind that it is part of Cabinet Office and will therefore forward emails received through it directly to relevant government departments. While all queries received will be read and considered thoroughly by his staff, due to workload restrictions it is unfortunately impossible for him to reply personally – though people can contact the Conservative Party directly if there are party related concerns they wish to discuss instead.

Email address

If you would like to reach the Prime Minister via email, please complete and submit the following form. Due to high volumes of correspondence received, an individual response cannot be guaranteed; if your query relates directly to one of Canada’s Government Departments we suggest instead reaching out directly. While many Canadians opt to give gifts directly to him and his family members, security regulations prevent this practice – instead consider supporting charitable organisations instead!

The Prime Minister and his staff take great pleasure in receiving correspondence from Canadians and requests for greeting cards – from birthday and wedding anniversary certificates, union greetings, to union-themed cards. Submissions may be submitted online, via mail, fax, or phone.

Social media accounts

He is one of the most accessible and responsive state leaders on social media, regularly taking up citizens’ grievances and engaging with them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Additionally, he regularly provides information regarding government policy and programs and boasts a large following that spans across India as well as around the globe.

PM Narendramodi makes his social media accounts public for anyone to access, with regular updates that address issues pertaining to India and its people. You can follow him by using either @PMOIndia or @Narendramodi handles on Twitter.

Nearly 65-70% of his Instagram posts feature interior settings, such as working alone in his office on Parliament Hill or attending caucus meetings. He attends international events as well as interacts with Canadians from different sociodemographic backgrounds; further promoting Canada’s culture and values by posting pictures depicting our diverse population.

His staff members manage a Twitter account dedicated to him personally. This account serves as both a news feed and chat room. Although the Prime Minister of Canada greatly values Canadians’ suggestions and appreciates hearing their ideas and thoughts directly through email, he cannot respond personally. He can make note of your message and refer it accordingly.

Many Canadians give gifts to the Prime Minister and his family as tokens of our generosity; however, they prefer to donate their generosity toward charitable organizations or community involvement instead. Furthermore, security regulations prohibit them from accepting certain items while some could become damaged during screening processes – it is therefore wise to carefully consider its impact before offering your present.

Phone number

Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be reached on his telephone number of +91 11 2601 1447, his official Twitter and Facebook accounts or by mail/email at 16 Sulkiewicza Street during regular office hours (8:15-16:15), or visit his Chancellery of 46/50 Belwederska Street where people with disabilities are welcome and there is even a sign language interpreter available to them.

PM Modi can be reached by email at pmod@pmo.gov.in; his social media accounts can also be seen by any individual. Although PM Modi reviews all messages personally, due to an overwhelming volume of inquiries he may need his staff’s assistance to reply directly; your request may instead be forwarded on to another government department instead.

Many Canadians choose to give gifts to the Prime Minister and his family as kind gestures, yet the Trudeau family prefers focusing their generosity on community projects, charity contributions and family. Furthermore, security regulations and the federal Accountability Act prevent him from accepting numerous items he might find appealing; perishables or fragile objects cannot enter his residence either.

Even though the Prime Minister receives numerous cards, letters, and tweets each week, he simply cannot possibly respond personally to each and every one. But don’t despair: his office has a team dedicated to answering your inquiries and concerns and also offers a FAQs page where you can access all their resources.