What is the Point of a Pure in Runescape?

What is the point of a pure in runescape?

A pure account is a special type of character that specialises in dealing a lot of damage while being relatively low combat. They are able to do this by staying at a very high level of defence and often have many of the other combat skills trained to the max level as well.

These accounts can deal a huge amount of damage and are incredibly deadly to others in PvP. However, they can also be very dangerous to players with more traditional accounts that are trying to get some experience while doing quests or even those that have just started playing the game.

Traditionally, the main purpose of these accounts was to kill other players in Player vs. Player combat, but now that EoC has changed the way that PKs are made, they have become an overpowered threat.

The most common and popular type of pure is the One Defence Pure, which keeps their Defence as level 1 and then trains Strength to the max level. They usually have some Prayer and Ranged skill training too as they are essentially designed to be a killing machine in PvP combat.

There are several types of One Defence pures, and they all have their own unique qualities. For example, a Void Mage pure will train their Magic and Hit Points as high as possible while not levelling Defence, while a Range Void Pure will have high Range stats but not have high Defence stats.

Another common type of pure is a Strength Pure, which aims to get their Attack to the minimum requirements for using certain weapons while maintaining their Strength to a high level. These pures are often hybrids with a mixture of Ranged and Magic skills to make them more versatile, or they may simply be an account that uses the Tzhaar-ket-om weapon as its main weapon to get a very high attack level.

A third type of pure is a Skill Pure, which develops only non-combat skills while remaining at level 1. These are incredibly challenging and require some serious thought to train, but they can be very rewarding once you have them up and running!

Some of these pures are very effective, especially when they have a good range, and can hit people at really long distances. They can be very powerful in PvP as they can get their weapons out in a matter of seconds and can deal a huge amount of damage.