What is the Navcard Used For in Tranzit?

What is the Navcard used for in tranzit?

The Navcard is an Easter Egg in Call of Duty Black Ops II that can help you complete a few side quests. It can be inserted into a Navcard Reader on each of the three main maps (TranZit, Die Rise and Buried), which in turn activates a button that allows you to unlock the final side quest. The Navcards are found on tables under or next to each map’s tower, and contain 4 pieces that need to be assembled.

What are the locations of the Navcard Tables?

The 3 Navcard tables exist in all 3 of the main maps, and each has a different set of locations. They can be built in either the tunnel between the Diner and Bus Depot, next to the Colt M16 or at the power station after the Power Room where you can drop down from the catwalk. The tables can also be located in the town at the mystery box spawn where you’ll need to crouch and pick up the meteorite from a hole in the wall.

What is the location of the Meteorite?

The meteorite is found in the hole in the wall outside the Bus Depot, just beside the Mystery Box. It can be picked up from there and carried to the other area in the town where the Navcard Reader is located. The Navcard can be taken from the meteorite and inserted into the Navcard Reader under the pylon in the cornfields, but it will not work until you have collected a Navcard from the previous map that was used to build it.

What is the location of the Radio?

The Radio can be found in the building that looks like Nacht der Untoten, or at the Diner where it’s stacked on top of a tall tool cabinet. The Navcard can be picked up from the radio in the same location as the Meteorite, or if you’ve completed the Super Easter Egg in Buried, it will be inserted into the radio at the same time.