What is the Most Secure Garage Door?

Garage doors don’t often get much thought or attention when it comes to security, but a well-designed and fitted roller door, sectional garage door or up and over model can offer significant protection from unwanted intruders. However, many older models are a lot less secure and present an easy target to would-be intruders if not upgraded to something more robust.

While a modern, quality garage door will come with an internal locking system as standard, it’s important to add further layers of defence. This can be as simple as a sensor or magnetic based alarm, which are easily wired into your main home security system by a professional electrician. These devices will trigger if the garage door is opened and can alert you to a potential break-in, giving you time to react.

The most secure option is a sectional garage door, which offers good lateral strength and a strong seal when closed, and leaves potential intruders without any obvious targets or points of entry. It’s also fairly compact and, when affixed to the door, requires no visible track, making it ideal for those with limited space.

Up and over doors, on the other hand, do not have horizontal sections or slats, but stay in one rigid piece and are known to be easier for burglars to break into as they do not use any leverage points to make their way in, meaning they can be easily broken into using brute force. However, modern up and over doors do feature more robust materials, multiple locking points and a euro cylinder anti-snap lock, all of which make them far more secure than their old counterparts.

For those who prefer the look of a side-hinged door, we recommend choosing one which is made from double skinned steel and features a high level of steel reinforcement and sturdy frame, as this will offer the best level of security against physical intrusion. We would also recommend a multi-lock mechanism, which can only be unlocked using a key and will prevent thieves from being able to open the garage door from the inside and access your home.

Finally, we would suggest taking some steps to reduce the risk of a break-in at the garage door itself, including moving or trimming any trees, hedges or bins that might provide cover close to the door. It’s also a good idea to always keep the connecting door to your home locked and consider tactically planting thorny shrubs in front of the windows that are directly above it, as these can act as an effective deterrent against opportunistic thieves.

As with all things, it’s worth remembering that a strong, solid garage door should be just one part of your home security package, which will need to include everything from motion-detecting lights to CCTV to deter criminals. With this in mind, it’s important to weigh up the different options available to you and find a solution that will work best for your specific needs.